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When my blood pressure is high I start to feel dizzy,ansy,shaky and nervous..i usually know when its high before I even check it.My doctor suggested that when my high for me to drink a Coke or Pepsi and try eating a piece of chocolate(like a Hersheys bar).I found that even though that is an odd combo to lower your pressure,it actually works.

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dr in training

Skeptic in texas you probably suffering symptoms of low blood sugar not high blood pressure, thats why the coke nd chocolate is probably wrking...

Hyertension South Africa

Your symptoms sound like low blood pressure,my mom has low blood pressure and has the same symptoms. Eating sweet things and drinking sugary soda's is a big NO for ppl with high blood pressure,it would just push the blood pressure higher...


Yea just like a quack doctor to tell you to take in more of the things that caused the problems in the first place. Corn syrup and more high fructose corn syrup, that will def NOT solve the problem, but only make things worse, more money for them right? why else do you think they tell you things and prescribe you medication you DONT need, more revenue for them, they don't give a crack's lick about your health, your nothing but a dollar sign. Very sad but very true. Even if it is Low blood pressure, keep eating those things and you'll end up with High blood pressure. Which is just another way for you to come back to their office. There are natural cures for everything, DONT go to the doc unless its an emergency! These scums need the same income the average american has, then maybe things will change


Are you sure you're not talking about low blood sugar, rather than high blood pressure? Coke and other sodas have a lot of sodium in them, which is terrible for high blood pressure. Chocolate is no better. The best things to do for high blood pressure rather than taking medications is to decrease sodium intake and drink a lot more water.

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