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Vicks Vaporub and cold PrepH cooling gel mix.

While on temporary duty in the DC/Arlington area, I experienced the worst flare-up ever. In need of immediate relief I crawled the web and found this site...THANK YOU!!!!

Vic's Vapo Rub offered the best and most effective relief when combined with PH cooling gel kept in the fridge. I mixed a dab of each in the palm of my hand then applied generously to the area. My first application was Saturday afternoon; felt better by bed time; woke Sunday in much better shape. Reapplied as needed on Sunday; 90% relief just before going to bed. I also showered after a bm and sat in a hot bath tub 2 times today. I'm seeing my Dr as soon as I get back home. I need a real fix.

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Though pleased with the Vicks results, I have found an even better solution for immediate relief: TIGER BALM ULTRA.

Went for a four mile run yesterday after work, and as usual had bm prior to hitting the trail. Immediate discomfort while running as flare up started and pile was prolapsed. Thinking how I could use Vicks right then, the wheels started turning and I thought Tiger Balm. Works wonders on other pains. Picked up the Tiger Balm at Walgreens on the way home. Showered and applied the balm to the area upon getting home. Initial burn is intense but relief is immediate. By bed time I had nearly 90% relief. Awoke this morning with no swelling or pain. Reapplied just to make sure. Oh happy day!!!

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