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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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I have a baby that will be crawliing soon. will it be safe to use borax on my carpets.?carpets?


Decided to use borax after trying everything. I had a professional come to my home, set of numerous of bombs, and went through 2 cans of Raid spray for bed bugs and fleas. And so far the borax seems to work the best. I also used bug repellent to keep them from jumping on my legs and biting me. I had a cat but returned it to the shelter just to find out that he didn't even bring the fleas into my home. I picked them up from a local park. Considering the fact the fleas are only in my room. They only end up in other places of the house when one jumped on my sock and traveled elsewhere. I was starting to get discouraged after trying everything. It was to the point where I just sat on my bed in tears because nothing was working. I used a total of 4 bombs in my my last resort was the borax. Last night around 9pm, I sprinkled it generously around my room. I didn't create a shaker or anything. I was so desperate I just used it straight from the box. I left it on the floor all night and just swept it up around 7pm tonight. So far I don't see a flea! I won't hold my breathe though. I'm trying to research now if I should do another treatment in the morning just to be on the safe side. I don't have carpet, just hardwood floors and I also have a recliner with my mattress. The funny thing is, they never were on my bed. And I never seen a whole bunch at a time. But anything than what I'm used to is to much. And I freak out when there's an unwanted fly in my house. Now I'm dealing with bugs I can barely see and they bite?! I really hope this borax continues to work. I can't even relax in my own room without being paranoid. Even now I'm writing one word and looking down at my white socks just waiting for something to jump up. I recommend borax to anyone dealing with fleas in their home. Always remember to treat the pets first!!


How long did you all keep the borax on the carpet for? I'm finding different lengths of time. Thanks in advance!


If you spray your carpet with fabuloso cleaner will it kill the fleas

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