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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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have been using DE -diatomaceous earth, to stop refugees from the local chapter of ferral cats that were invading the shores of Mi Casa!!! i live in a warm climate and therefore our front porch is my second have carpet and i have some small rugs on the porch to soothe my oh so aching arches on...the problem is their just about the most comfortable thing an alley cat has ever seen...
For a couple of months i have been dusting the front yard, shrubbery and front porch with DE and to great success!!! unfortunately they have breached the front gate and have now invaded the palace!!! at wits end i learned (once again!!!) that sometimes slow genius really means SLLOOOOWWW genius...i forgot the reason i got the stuff, got locked into the idea of it being an outdoors is messy, but killin' is a messy business, and killin' is what i'm about...i didn't ask for this war...but i will finish it!!!
Have you ever looked under an old house and seen a white dust on the surface of the ground? i mistakingly thought that it was mold or fungus till an old timer told me that it was DE...this is how it works...
Food Grade DE (get from your local feed store...used to rid livestock of their worms) is a non-caking ground up fossil...looks real smooth to us but under microscope it is property of it being non-caking is that it has a high-dispersal rate...all that means is that it wants to get away from itself just like the repulsive force of two magnets causes them to want to be away from each other...since this stuff wants to disburse itself, and it is really 'sticks' to stuff...all kinds of stuff...your hands, your feet, your clothes, you get the idea...but it also likes to stick in the joints of exoskeletal lifeforms, i.e. it sticks in the flea's armpit...once there it rubs and grinds the joint away...DE is an ABRASIVE...that is how it works...legless critters cannot climb your leg and bite you!!!
Real world applicational data: as of yet i have used it on the porch with great success...i coat the carpets, beat it in with the broom, and walk away...MAKE SURE TO WEAR A MASK, OR FOR THOSE OF US THAT ARE POORER, I USE MY SHIRT...YOUR ALSO SUPPOSED TO WEAR EYE PROTECTION!!! THIS IS AN ABRASIVE, AND I DON'T KNOW BOUT YOU, BUT I DON'T WANNA SAND AWAY MY CORNEA!!! U MUST PROTECT YOUR LUNGS WHEN APPLYING THIS STUFF!!! i think the name of the illness you can get from this is called silica fibrosis...that i believe is when you breathe in fine silica, your lungs find the stuff objectionable and since it can't break it down it then builds a jail cell of flesh around it...if there are bundles of this stuff in your lungs then there is less space for bronchii, the part of the lung that transports oxygen to your bloodstream...enough of the biology class...
(pause while eyes glaze over)
Best way to protect your lungs is by wetting a bandana and wringing it out WELL...then make sure your breathing through MULTIPLE LAYERS of fabric...
As for applicators...i have a Gilmour pump fogger that i have used with some success (it works well for getting into tight spots and this is not a paid endorsement for any of the products mentioned here...somebody PLEASE pay me!!!)...and i also have an old tobacco can with holes punched in the bottom...the can is next to tonite i tried something new...i used our flour sifter...this worked great once i figured out how to do it's a mixture of left-right action while cranking the handle on the sifter...i think these sifters can be bought at your local department store for $ Gilmour cost $18.95...better coverage for less money, no brainer...remember, sllloooowww and learn, right?!?
emboldened by what i have read from experimenteers such as myself, i decided to dust the dogs tonite so maybe somebody can get some sleep around here...i applied the DE to the dogs an hour and a half ago and even though the cocker is laying between my legs, i don't feel fleas jumping from him to me...also, all five dogs have fallen asleep and noone is digging themselves...i'm gonna hold my breath...
oops, asthma attack, where's my inhaler?!?
seriously...i have allgergies upon allergies have hearing that Borax may cause a reaction was disheartening...but i don't know of anyone who is allergic to DE...
IF YOU DECIDE TO DUST YOUR YARD, DON'T DO IT RIGHT BEFORE A RAIN!!! this not only wastes product, but what happens when water is standing after a rain?!? the earthworms rise to the surface...don't kill off the beneficials in your yard...killing your earthworms will kill your yard...without the worms digging around and aerating your lawn your grass won't have the space for it's roots to bring in proper nutrition...this can cause molds, fungus, and disease to infest your grass, killing don't DE your whole yard right before it rains...
Have i missed anything else?!? of that i am sure...but my night time meds have kicked in, the sun will be up in minutes, not hours, and i am quickly on my way to the land of nod...
May the Good Lord hold You and Keep You...i pray for all of us with this affliction, and for a small respite...73


day 2: or the eve of the first day, as it up at the crack of noon and headed out to smoke on the looked like it had snowed out there...didn't really see any black spots in the DE so i don't know if it's doing any good in that respect but i have wonderful news!!!
This evening i enlisted the help of mom in my new endever...we wet down three non-fuzzy dish rags (Thanks Grandma!!!) and wrang as much water out of them as was possible...then folded two of them long ways so we could wrap them around our faces...the third one i folded into a square shape to cover the dogs snoots/eyes...we went outside with the pooches and sat there on the porch, mom holding the dog while i applied a liberal amount of DE to their looks like this stuff is rough on their hair so i won't be surprised if i end up turning my chihuahua into a mexican hairless...after wrangling five dogs and applying the DE liberally we were wore out and decided to take a here's where it gets interesting...
after my nap i sat here like i usually do, running my comb through my chi's hair, nit pickin'...but to my surprise the nits squashed just as easily as a gnat...the first one i didn't the second one i was on a mission!!! the fleas also don't really like staying near the skin as much anymore and they are crawling on the outside of the dogs hair...this makes it much easier to nit pick...i crushed over 20 fleas on the chi before we ran outta them...most of the fleas couldn't even jump anymore, and those that did didn't jump very far...wundebar!!! Wundebar!!!
so the war one...fleas zilch!!!


where can i purchase BORAX? My dogs have had fleas all summer and i have tried everything to get rid of them and they keep coming back. And everyone is saying BORAX works so i would like to try it.


Because of drought conditions in our area, fleas have become a real problem. We had an infestation in our home and after trying an assortment of sprays I found the one thing that works immediately was a spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of Sargeant's Flea and Tick shampoo. I spayed everything including couch, floors, bedding and curtains and continued spraying very few hours. I also put white sheets over some of the furniture so I could see fleas I may have missed. I am finding lots fleas but all are dead. I will continue spraying a few times a day but this is really working and there is no damage to fabrics or floor. There is no odor but you could mix in a favourite scent. I expected to be at this a lot longer and had been working on the problem for a few weeks. It only got worse. This method works quickly and is very inexpensive. For my three kittens, Advantage still works best and I've spread borax in the basement and in the yard, especially sandy areas to control larva. Best of luck, everyone. This is the quickest fix I've ever found.


Looking at the posts I think some people are confused between Boric Acid and Borax, they are not the same thing. Boric Acid = NO! Borax (the 20 mule team kind) = YES!


I don't have a serious flea problem in my house the problem is outside the trouble is there jumping on us and we are bring them into the house there are no animals in the house just myself and 3 children so I treated my yard today and decided to spread borex on my carpets while doing this however the thought came to my mind how on the world are we going walk around our house with a white powdery stuff all over our carpets for this extended period of time getting stuck on the bottom of our feet etc???

Karen s.

Can you use Borax in a carpet shampooer


Fleas: seriously how can you say that Borax is Boric ACid!!!! honestly please do your homework.. Borax does not become boric acid until mixed with a sulfic or hydrocloric acid... Borax its self in the powder form is not toxic in the powder form not mixed... seriously.. i have done my homework on this because i have 3 young children and 2 kittens under 4 months and 1 pup 8 mnth.. so yeah i read up on this.. to people who are loving judging people who are looking for easier and cheaper ways to get rid of fleas.. then seriously check this out... my animals have food, they play they have alot of intereaction with the family they have water and place to stay not roaming the streets and not getting beat. my hubby has been in the hospital for his diabetes almost every week.. sent there from work everyweek. i have major bills and im not getting rid of my animals to put a strain on a shelter when i am cabable of taking care of my animals. we have fallen on hard time and when i cant feed my animals i have family that help me out with kitten food. so please dont judge anyone for looking for alternatives to 150 dollar vet bill... you can get the fleas off you pet that way... but what about your home and your kids... DUH!!!!!! sorry i just hate reading comments like that. anyway i came here looking for directions on using borax because ive tried dawn, ive tried vinegar, ive tried citric acid and the only thing at the moment is my daughter night light with a white bowl under it... they are jumping it... woohoo... that a couple dozen that wont be biting.

Buzz Thrasher

Borax does not kill fleas. The advice given has no scientific basis and could pose harm to children and pets.

First, let's use words carefully: Boron is a naturally occurring element that is mined and processed into-

-Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate), a water soluble laundry booster, and

-Boric Acid, an ingredient in pest control products

Borax and boric acid come from the same element, but have different properties.

Borax powder has low toxicity to humans. It is in fact, a really good laundry booster and does a fabulous job of cleaning sinks and tubs. Many of our staff at Thrasher Termite & Pest Control regularly use borax powder diluted in water as recommended by the manufacturer and listed on the box: as a laundry booster and general cleansing agent. While low in toxicity to humans, borax powder should not be inhaled, ingested, or left in contact with the skin or eyes. According to the CDC, borax exposure may cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, and nose bleeds and breathing difficulty. Ingestion of borax powder is associated with nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The International Chemical Safety Card for borax specifically recommends preventing the dispersion of borax dust and that pregnant women especially should avoid exposure.

Knowing this, it's clear that sprinkling borax powder around the house is a bad idea No one should breathe this stuff! Yet, that's exactly what pets will do when snuffling around a borax dusted house. Children may also accidentally inhale borax powder and become ill. The only organisms that borax powder won't bother are insects. Borax powder will not dehydrate insects, nor will insects willingly eat borax powder--that's plain silly.

Boric acid, now that's a proven pest killer. Another misconception is that pest control companies like ours push harmful chemicals. In fact we use the least amount of the least harmful product to get the job done. Many home remedies work really well for pest control. Just not borax for fleas. For more information google 'borax-fleas-and-misconceptions.'


I used borax on my tight weave carpet to kill fleas. It became a bigger nightmare than the fleas. The dust from the borax power is so fine (similar to sheet rock dust) that it can ruin a vacuum cleaner. Nothing seems to remove all the borax from the carpet and each time I walk over the carpet it kicks up more borax dust. Also, the extended contact with this powder is now creating health issues such as dry, sore throat and sinuses, head aches and awful salty taste in my mouth. I may be forced to replace all the carpets in my home as well as the upholstered furniture. Avoid this nightmare and call an exterminator.

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