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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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Carolina Girl

Borax worked for our terrible flea problem the first time we tried it. The best tip I can give you is to use a lot of it. One or two boxes is not enough, unless you live in a very small apartment. Generously cover all floor surfaces and leave the house. Take your pet to the groomer for a flea bath and stay gone for at least 5 hours...longer for bad infestations. Be sure to use your feet or broom to get it down in the carpets good. Come in and vacuum it all up, before you bring your pets back inside.
I vacuum thoroughly to get up all the Borax I can see, but still find it coming up a little bit for several weeks...and I vacuum 3 times a week. I think it's good, that a little remains deep will continue to protect. We did this in our old house, then when we were building and moved into a condo for a few months, I treated the carpets with Borax before we moved in and didn't have any flea problems in the rental. When we moved into our brand new home, I treated the carpets with Borax before we moved our furniture in and now...four years later, our dog has finally got fleas again, so I am treating again tomorrow. I will probably have to use 6-8 boxes to cover 3000 sf, but it's still cheap. If you don't treat your pets at the same time, I imagine you might think Borax does not work, but it really has been a miracle for our family dog and our home.
I don't know or care how the Borax kills the fleas, but when I come in to vacuum it all up, I see dead and dying fleas on top of the Borax in my dogs most used areas and it's a beautiful sight!


I read all these postings, and not sure if I had a reliable cleaner/flea repellent I decided to give it a go anyways. I have treated my carpets several times and every time there were less fleas. I put it in a carpet cleaner and it killed SOOOO many fleas it was disgusting. I also put it on dry for a few hours, vacuumed it up and then steam cleaned again, and was amazed at how many fleas I killed that time. This works, but you have to vacuum EVERY day thoroughly. I have four children, three cats and one small dog and NEVER had fleas before. It happened over night and all of a sudden they were EVERYWHERE!!!! I also had Knockout spray from the vet, but I recommend not using this is if you can avoid it, it's not safe for animals/children/adults to inhale if not ventilated properly. Although if you have a severe infestation like I had it does help because it kills all stages of fleas. Now that I have the fleas under control, and have properly treated my animals (vet fleas drops), I will not be using any more pesticides in my home. I recommend using Borax!!!!!


I have a question about the Borax on the dogs feet, do you wait a while before you let them back in?? I have 6 Cocker Spaniels,don't want them getting sick..Lynda


Borax works really well, and like a lot of people said, you have to leave it down for awhile. I have two cats (inside), four dogs (in and out), and several goats and chickens outside that eat anything I throw down, so I bought food-grade Diatomatious Earth for outside. DE works because it's like the bugs are crawling on broken glass and it cuts their Exoskeletons and all their 'life juices' drain out. Make sure it's FOOD GRADE if you're going to use it around animals - it's FDA approved as a food supplement so it won't hurt them. You can also dust your animals with DE - even cats - as long as it is food grade. Don't let the animals eat Borax, but I don't think it will hurt their paws...


Thank you, thank you!! 4 days ago I sprinkled Borax into the carpet, used a detached vacuum comb-like attachment to rub it in deeply and tried to have amnesia while cohabitating with these critters. Today- no jumping fleas but I see a few dead ones on the surface. Nothing is crawling in my carpet! Advantage flea stuff from my vet got the ones off of my cat quickly. I am going to keep up with this treatment to ensure this doesn't happen again!!


We have a 16 week old puppy who just got fleas yesterday. I had him treated with frontline today and also picked up some borax. Is it safe to let the puppy lay on the carpet once the borax has been rubbed in? We only have one area rug and the rest is hardwood. Will borax work on hardwood and how should we treat it and still allow the puppy to walk around?


HUGE tip for you and your animals for not only as a repellant for fleas but safe as well is Vicks Vapor Rub, you can even pick up dollar store brands, take the back of your animals neck area seperate the fur and get a good scoop in your hands and slab it in the part and rub it all around the area and under the neck as for you, rub in areas such as inner arm, ankles, back of neck for those who have hair that is easy for them to access, you can even slab it in your hair and slick it down if they are really bad, fleas hate the mint scent and do this for the week you use Borax in your carpet it helps to stop them from finding food source, works well on my two young boys, especially the crib area since it is lowest to the floor. I live in an upstairs apartment and have literally been battleing fir 5 months and found these two things together help us sleep at night and is killing the fleas.


Just when you thought you had the skinny on the best pet use for Borax ..... You really don't expect Borax to be so darn versitle, & multi functional. .......and since duct tape
.Yes, it not only kills the nasty parasites in the carpet ( at least as well as, if not better then) any toxic chemical concoction's costing a small fortune.
For a old or new urine spot spread a quater inch layer on the spot and let powder soak it up. IMPORTANT: wait for powder to dry compleatly, then vacuum up.
If dried in , I dampen the carpet by running a carpet cleaner with Oxygen action Fabuloso and about a cup of vinager mixed with water. The sprinkle the same quater inch layer over the carpet. I scrub it in with a old Kenmore combo, carpet shampooer- floor buffer, (a old broom will surfice.) this soaks out urine that has dried deep in the pile. Allow to dry at least overnight. ( If you vacuum it up damp, it dries in your vacuum like quick-crete)
It not only looks 100% better, but it even removes the Ammonia order!! YES I SAID IT ...IT REMOVES THE AMMONIA STANK.!!!! No I don't work for Borax.
Far superior to ANY commericial preperation I've tried.


Will it work on Bed Bugs?


Man, I tell you what - this has been one of the most helpful and informative posts about Borax vs. the flea hordes that I've found yet - thank you all for all this information about your use of this natural WoMFD (weapon of mass flea destruction).

As I generally have hard wood floors, one tiny carpet walk-in closet, linoleum in the kitchen and a rug in the den, the flea infestation is mild compared to most... but enough to be frustrating if not downright depressing. Bought me a box of 20 Mule Team fun and I'ma set forth war against my endearing biesty friends. We gave away our cats (whom were treated with Revolution) and sadly, they didn't stick around long enough to cure our problem before departure... so I'm the prime rib alternative to their newly departed buffet of filet minon. Gonna lay it down this weekend and visit the folks up in NC for the entire weekend, then laying it down next weekend for again the entirety of 2 days in favor of an upcoming camping trip. Give all readers a report after these two weeks are said and done.

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