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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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I would like to know if the Borax Soap is harmful to my pets, such as cats or dogs that groom them selves? Will the Borax Soap make them sick or even worse, kill them?


They don't eat the borax, but it does dehydrate them and they die

Kary Runyan

In July of 2007, In my daughters trailer house there was a troop of fleas in the window. Just looking at the lovely sun shine. It was pretty dry that year. Well , I live in southeast Texas , we have high humidty, I called several friends, of course I got three hundred rememdies, but I used the one about Borax soap or Borax acid, I did it twice a week, for 4 weeks. I tried everything but breaking the life cycle of a flea is everything, The Borax worked and it worked all the way. Don't care, how it goes about killing the fleas but it does kill em. I own 6 dogs and some horses, wash the dogs in lemon or lanvender dish soap, That kills fleas instantly on animals plz put Borax in your yard during some long hot periods without rain. You won't have a flea infestation. Had em, Hate em. Got Borax now, I'm loving my outdoor life again in my yard. Just remember to prevent, And Please don't forget we love our animals and kids and family, just have to do a little prevention. Thks Kary


the key to successful borax use is letting it set in carpet or on floor forjb at least 2 days before cleaning.Repeat in a week and to really get infestation do again following week.Borax laundry additive is the product to use not detergent.I live in rural TN.with an active family and pets in and out so fleas can be aproblem frontline or not.Spraying pets with diluted lemon juice helps also.BORAX works bombs dont!


I used diatemacious earth (fine white powder - not the pool kind). I dusted my cats (6 of them) and the house area. The diatemacious earth is also used as a natural wormer for animals. It kills the fleas (cuts the flea exoskeletins so they die) and when the cat licks its coat it actually is beneficial to their health. This is the first year that I have not had any problem with fleas... now if I can just do the same with mosquitos.


I plan on trying the borax so I hope it works. I read where you can put water and soap in a white dish and leave it out over night as like a 'flea zapper'. Not sure if it works but I have picked flea's off my poor dog to try and help the problem faster and I was trying to drown them in a bowl of water, thinking it would work since i'm sure they have tiny lungs but it wasn't killing them so I was looking around the bathroom and found rubbing alcohol....well it pretty much kills them as soon as they hit the bowl. I know it's not a 'solution' to the long run but it sure works when your picking them off your pets to get them a little relief right away. If they are to fast, just wet a q-tip with the alcohol and dab the flea before picking them and it 'stuns' them for easier picking.
Just a little tip that worked for me. Can't wait to try the borax though.


This worked for me! You do have to go crazy for a couple of weeks, sprinkling it all over carpet (wait 2 days) and then vacuum, and repeat a few times. I also apply Frontline Plus to both of my cats. It is expensive, but it works very well. You can get it cheaper online than at the store. I order from


We are a family of four, 2 boys and 2 girls. Our English Bulldog died a couple weeks ago and left us a wonderful gift in the form of a FLEA INFESTATION. More fleas get on my husband and son than on myself and daughter. We're thinking the shaved legs and fragrant lotions her and I use, must keep the fleas at bay. Not sure but its something. I have run into many websites that talk about eucalyptus, lavendar, rosemary, and/or tea-tree oils. Its worth a try. I just bought a box of BORAX and Im going to lay it down tomorrow.! Wish me luck!


I would feel horrible sprinkling Borax on my cats. I don't care what anyone says, they will ingest that and no one will convince me that is a good thing. I sprinkle salt on my carpets generously, especially by doorways and windows, and wait at least 24 hour before vacuuming. I use Advantage on my cats. Also, the vinegar/water mix works well to clean carpets and furniture/bedding. You have to launder everything you can.


I agree that Borox works...just be patient. You can also use this trick my Mom taught me. She used to work at the Humane Society. Place several shallow dishes-(small plates work for me) filled with water and a squirt of dish soap on the floor where your pets frequent. You will need to use small desk lamps too and turn them on over each dish to apply heat. If you have fleas you will start to see them floating in the soapy water. They are attracted to the warm moisture and leap onto the dish where they will drown. Dispose of the fleas and water down the drain or toilet. Repeat a few days later and repeat the borox treatment. It takes a few weeks but it works without all of the expensive and harmful pesticides. Dont forget to wash your pets or apply flea collar. I have 2 adult cats and a new kitten(who brought the new infestation). I washed the kitten with warm water and Dawn dish soap and the good old flea comb.

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