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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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Where can I purchase the Borax?



i bought a big box of borax in the laundry section of walmart for about $2.50


I have a house full of kids, but a lot more fleas, my baby is crawling, is it safe to use the borax if you have a crawling baby? Or can it harm him? I would really like to use this, but do not want my baby to get sick, Thanks for the info in advance.....


OMG!!! I'm so excite to hear about to borax pouder! I try everything else. I have 3 cats (one 8.2 years and 2 0.7 year olds) and flea infestation has ruin my life. My hairs are covered in fleas and I think there may be an egg nest behind my ear. I went to my hairs dresser for an apt. and she freak out!!!! I gave her 5 dollar to not use her mouth about me. Lucky for me I have it the best out of every people and animal in my home. My poor obese daughter seems to be causing an attraction of the most fleas. They attack her in the night. I'm also wondering if there may be any relate between my pet's brain size and flea attack. The most idiot cat out of the 3 has the worst fleas. He chase leaves all day long.

I was reading on here that the borax and extra flea bathe can be harmful to the cat? (or my daughter?) As far as the cat, it wouldnt upset me to possibly lose 1-2 of them. (mainly the idiot one). And is it bad I was partially excite when I thought I hear one cat being hit by a car while I was sitting outside my trailer the other night (we live near a busy rd). Either way if this Borax works my home will be flea free!!! I hopes!!


To the person that put the fleas in the jar with the Borax: I read that it can take up to two weeks to kill off the fleas.


I have never tried the borax but I have for many years used Dawn dish soap in shallow pans placed around where ever the fleas are and they jump in and drown. It has been a heaven sent way to get rid of these little pests. I have also used the dish soap to give my dogs their baths it seems to really help. Try it and I hope it helps you as much as it has me.:)


I was told to get some Borax but not the laundry kind. Unfortunately, that ws all I could find in the store was the 20 Team Mule Borax stuff used as a laundry additive. I even tried to find Borax online but was unable.

I had one indoor cat for three years and we've never had any problems. Recently, I bought my family another indoor one in November of 08 and all of a sudden we have had nothing but problems. I can't seem to get rid of these fleas. Now both of my cats are all eaten up.

I bought the borax from the store and ground it into my carpet. I had to put both cats in another room with the door shut as I've heard it's very toxic to cats. I couldn't wait an entire week like everybody else because I don't have another place to put my cats. I have fairly simple, cheap apartment carpet so ground it in as good as I could and let it sit for an hour. I vacuumed everything thoroughly and did this with every single room. Afterwards, I changed the vac cleaner bag, tied it off and took it directly to the outside garbage. I gave both my animals flea baths. They were fine for a couple days and then it started worse than ever. I guess since I don't have another place to put my animals for a week, this wonderful advice doesn't apply to me. Too bad...


The only place I could find this borax stuff is Fred Meyer in the Pacific Northwest. You can also buy it at a website, soapbegone or something to the affect. It's only 5 bucks and lasts a great long while.


It does not kill fleas. It doesn't work


Borax is wonderful. I had fleas ALL over my house. I had to check my daughter before going anywhere, especially school,for the fleas and pick them off of her. They would even get on her face around her eyes. YUCK !!! I had no idea what to do. I tried all the sprays, foggers, and you name it I tried it; none worked. I read on here about Borax. The first time I sprinkled some down and it got better but still fleas. I finally got serious about it. I removed all sheets, blankets, everything I could and went to the laundry mat washing it all in hot water and Borax. I then came home (leaving the stuff in the car in bags) I moved all my furniture out from the walls and put Borax everywhere. You must get the carpet, floors, furniture everything. I left it about 8 hours, vacuumed it up and NO FLEAS !!!! I am so happy it's been two days NO FLEAS!!! Fleas are a nightmare and this took some time but it WORKED !!!

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