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FLEAS: I have had a terrible time getting rid of fleas till now. Borax laundry soap. Vacuum your carpet really good. Then sprinkle the Borax over your carpet. Use a broom and work it down into the fibers of your carpet really good. Don't vacuum for a week unless you have to. The fleas will eat the Borax. It will cause them to dehydrate and die. Repeat the process every week or so for a month. It really works, it's cheap and it is safe to use if you have small children.

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THANKS FOR ALL THE TIPS. BUT.Borax does work to help get rid of fleas but I get a rash if it is on anything I wear or touch(bedding etc.). I wash my dogs with a mix of Seagents flea soap,Dawn& a Bioganic/EcoSMART fly repellant.It has clove oil, wintergreen oil,citric acid,etc. The dogs were flea free for 4 days till the barn cats shared a few of theirs.A pill from the Vet Cap Star also kills the fleas on the animal.


If you have tried remedies and it don't work don't wait looking and trying other remedies spend the money and help your animals don't let them suffer cause its not fair to them they look to u for help and i am saying this with the deepest sinsarety


Well I am allgeric to borax is there anything else I can use, the fleas are eating us up. My son and myself are covered in flea bite's. Please send any other ideas to my e-mail at
Thank You


I just moved in to our housing area with brand new carpet, and we have no pets, but we have fleas, we have bombed the whole house, but they are still around. Any advice to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated!



Reading all these comments, I can't help but be concerned about the thought that borax is not toxic. It is an acid, and while not as corrosive as some out there, this is part of the reason it kills fleas. it eats through the larvae. When it is applied, you should use a dust mask, as it turns into an acid in contact with water (for ex the moisture in your lungs) Maybe not toxic, but our pets have smaller lungs and breathe many more times than us in a day. Another product that works is diatomaceous earth. It is sold as a natural slug repellent in most nurseries. DME is a dessicant it dries out slugs, so this is likely how it works with fleas too

Safe hunting;-)

vern vern

i have a childcare center with a flea problem, so does the borax harm children or toddlers who crawl on the floor


I completely agree.
My cat has long hair, and he was getting swarmed by these buggers. I spent a fortune on things trying to get rid of them.
Finally i broke down and bought the advantage. It is the ONLY thing that worked.
I buy it now and keep it on him to prevent fleas from coming back.
I find washing everything (bedding, clothing, etc) in hot water, vacuuming the house really well over and over again, and using advantage will keep your cat and your home flea free!

Caleb Murdock

Having read this entire thread, I sprinkled Borax over my entire apartment. It is now the fifth day with Borax all over the floor, and the fleas are still bothering me. I theorize that these are fleas which are emerging from their cacoons as I walk around the apartment, but who knows. If that is so, then they should stop after a few weeks -- but until then I am feeling more than a little stressed.

Here is my email address in case anyone has some suggestions:

To those who would put Borax on your pets, please don't -- when ingested, it can cause significant health problems (all pets, especially cats, lick themselves). Instead, use a 'spot-on' remedy instead, or use food-grade diatomaceous earth. I got Revolution, which killed all the fleas on my cats in a few days. Now I just wish I had a 'spot-on' remedy for my home!

Caleb Murdock

The post directly above is mine. I got all my answers. About a month or five weeks after putting the Borax down, the number of fleas that were jumping on me suddenly reduced (from about 30-50 to 10 to 5 in the space of a week). Obviously, those were fleas that were coming out of their cocoons (nothing kills the fleas in their cocoons, not Borax or sprays). What I learned from all this is that if you have a bad infestation, as I did, you just have to wait for the fleas to die out. Even now, a couple months after putting the Borax down, I'm still getting a couple fleas on me every day (I wear white socks so I can see them and trap them in sticky paper). I talked to someone else who fought a bad flea infestation, and she said the same thing -- it was months before they were all gone. It looks like there are no quick answers to getting rid of fleas.


My family and I are also having flea problems this year. We have had success in the past using Borax and have tried it again. I am also brushing my cats daily with a flea comb and depositing the fleas in a cup of soapy water. The soap causes the fleas to sink and they drown.

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