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Instant Headache emover

I found this remedy on my own when my head lots of pain and i was tired so here is what you do. Take a small amount of water that you can gulp down easily. You might want to sit down because you need to close your eyes.Take a sip of water ,gulp down the water and right when the water has passed down your throat open your eyes real quick you might feel strange after it because the pain may instantly leave.

And if the pain still lingers try ice wrapped in a cloth or something where you have the pain do the same thing with the water this time right after u gulp the water when You open your eyes remove the ice at the same time. hope it helps it works for me tell your friends if it worked that way you don't poison your body with pills and it is way faster. :]

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Wow, I had to try this one, it just seemed silly and unbelievably. I get headaches all the time, not even asprin (or anything like it) would help. Just tried this for kicks and it actually worked. Thanks a whole bunch, I'll be passing this one on.


Thank you-I think it helped a little bit.

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