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HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION: I have had a reoccuring toothache. I let it go bc after living on Advil and Orajel for a few days it would go away. Finally the pain became unbearable. And here is your solution... If you cant afford immediate dental care(and are tired of feeling the way you do right now), just call the dentist. Get a prescription for Motrin 800 for the pain. And get one for penicilin antibiotics, which calm the infection and inflammation that is hurting your tooth and gums. I scheduled an appointment for a later date to have the root canal, and the 20 dollar meds will be perfect until then. Since taking them, I have used zero Orajel and zero Advil. 0 pain, period. Do it and you will feel better NOW for 2o bucks...also, dental schools offer affordable dentistry...its done by students with real dentists overlooking their work. But, if you are reading this you do not have the time to wait for them to process the request. Sooo, get to the dentist, get the prescriptions by setting up an appointment for care, go right to the pharmacy and feel better soon after. Then either followthrough with the appointment or search for cheaper care. Good luck, and feel better!

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Oh my! I just got almost instand relief for the worst toothache I've ever had. After trying vanilla extract, brandy, vineger, toothpaste for senitive teeth and other suggestions from this site, I went out and finally found clove oil at a GNC store! It is a miracle! I will try and get into the dentist tomorrow but for now I'm quite happy and quite pain free.


This is the most amazing idea ever!! A dentist! Who would have though?!


Would advise people to make sure you not allergic to penicillin before doing this.

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