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Jacqueline VanHorn

READ IF YOU WANT TO LOSE STRETCH MARKS!Well I'm 13 years old, and I've had stretch marks for 2-ish years. I HATED it! I mean, I couldn't wear any bikini's, or shorts, because they were mostly on my legs. Mine weren't deep, but there were ZILLIONS of thin stretchmarks on my legs.
I never really noticed them til I was in the summer I was about to enter fifth grade.
I tryed EVERYTHING! I haven't used lemon juice YET.
anyways my mom bought me bio oil, and I needed them to disappear in a MONTH and the package on the bio oil says to use for a minimum of 3 months. I didn't have that type of time! I was trying out for volleyball for middle school, and they dont let you in unless you have a white shirt and black booty shorts(really short shorts) and I'd be TO embarresed. So I went to my AWESOME cousin carly who knows EVERYTHING, and she said that I should use body washes, lotions, and shampoo's with aloe vergin, jojoba, and vitamins, so that gave me a crazy idea!
Carly's friends, who had stretch marks decided to go on a trial with me.
We used this body wash which we got at walmart w/ aloe vergin, shea butter, and jojoba, and we mixed bio oil, jojobs, olive oil, vit e capsouls, and uh...oh yeah, a BIT of lemon juice, and palmers cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks, and we applyed that EVERYDAY, for a month.

So heres how it worked, there was 10 of us including me, and after a month we got together. We had before and after pics, which our parents except 2 wont let us post on internet(sorry) and we talked about the progression!
and we all had all or almost all of our stretch marks gone!
I also wanted to say that we all had sensitive, hard, and medium sking(Im a medium) and I'm NOT trying to be racist, but people say it varies from diff. races so we had 2 whites, 2 african americans, 3 mexican, 1 italian, and 2 indian americans.....I think?
Anyways, we also had a healthy diet.

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So you added all of that together as a body wash? or did you have a body wash and then mixed the rest together as a lotion and applied it?


what was the body wash called? and thanks it really did help


im 13 im really want to et rid of the stretch marks on my upper arms im goin to try and use this method.. THANKS!


i'm 13 and despretly needed you help thanks for the advice. i will try it wish me luck


did you mixed all that together?? did u used it like a body wash? or as a lotion? did u wash it off? for how long do u have to keep it on? it sounds very interesting!


can u please name some of the PRODUCTS that you used.


Did the indian americans originate from India or native americans???


HEY! ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS PLEASE?? im like really desperate and wondering!? thanks :)

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