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I contracted GH when I was 15- the first guy I ever slept with and 2 months later I realized I had one blister. I immediately knew what it was. I'm lucky enough to only have HSV-1. I didn't have another OB for many years but I'm now up to 3-5 times per year and want to stay away from meds. I've tried EVERYTHING. I don't usually get more than one blister but this time I got three.
I can tell you now I have never seen them go away so fast as when I use Acetone on them. This means getting some on a qtip and holding it on your blisters for as long as you can, up to one minute (yes it burns, it feels horrible- but I can tell you that pesky thing will go away in two days.)
Do this as many times as you can in a day until the blisters are gone. after the acetone dries apply the children's NEOSPORIN!! the one with the numbing cream in it will help with your pain if you have any. Hope this helps some.

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what kind of acetone? and where do you find it? like does the bottle just say 'acetone'..sorry, just found my blister, im young and scared lol..


Acetone molecules are small enough to enter the bloodstream through the skin an acetone is a known carcinogen with exposure over time. Don't trade blisters for tumors!


Ha! I've also used this remedy. I had them on my lip and held fingernail polish removal (with acetone) to them and used the walmart brand neosporin and its worked for me, if you catch it early it works best. When I started getting clusters of bumps in the genital area, I went to the dr, twice for the same time. The dr said he was 98% sure it was herpes. My ex husband had cheated on me so I knew it was a possibility. They tested for hsv (herpes), yeast, and other stds as well. They all came back negative. But I don't believe the drs actually tested for hsv type I which usually shows up 'above the belt' such as the mouth and face but can cause breakouts in the genital area though it doesn't have preference there. YOU CAN GET BOTH TYPES EITHER PLACE. I paid for almost 300$ testing later at a special private testing center and confirmed I do have type 1. Anyways, I'm 24, told I should do modeling, under 100 pounds, and have 4 beautiful and perfect children. Yet now, somehow I feel he has taken my health and I hate dating because I'm afraid that one day I could spread it to someone else and don't even know or can't explain it to anyone because I'm afraid of the stigma that comes with the condition. Or worse, my babies could get it from me somehow near their eyes or from a towel. Its devastating really.


WITCH HAZEL---after it burns a sall bit it dires out thr sore---keeping the sores dry helps them heal faster---mine are gonne in 3 days!!

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