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Soak in undiluted clorox for no more than 5 minutes during every shower for two weeks. Get a cheap tupperware cassarole container. Forget vinegar. Nothing lives through the Clorox. Your skin may be slightly sore, but you'll be cured. New shoes or Lysol in the shoes completes the cure. I had it bad and nothing worked but this. Also 5 bucks for beach sure beats 100 dollars worth of lotrimin that won't work.

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I use to use Clorox too. Apparently its an old remedy from the 50's. My father turned me on to Clorox shortly after I figured out I had athletes foot. True it does work for a while but,It made my feet hard, dry and smelly. BTW bleach is now known to be a carcinogen. Save the bleach for your white socks and cleaning the bathroom floor. that will keep keep the fungus gone.


clorox even diluted, is so powerful it changes the DNA of any bacteria. Urine is total aseptic, urine is actually clear of germs.


I swear by this... THis is a true proven Remedy... cowards and weenies can try the other so called remedies, but this One does the Job


Urine is only sterile when it is in the bladder...once it is released from the body, it is considered contaminated.


Warnin: Do not try this remedy for jock itch


It is never a good idea to soak any body part in bleach. Do not try this!


The bleach made my husbands feet bleed. He had his feet in the bleach NO MORE THAN 5 MINS. It got better for awhile and then came back. Not sure if bleach does kill everything.

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