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Listerine. Sounds weird but it works miracles an helps prevent reinfestation. Just put your child in the tub and pour it on their head. It will feel really cold but just make them sit there for about 3 minutes. If your interested, remove one nit before application and another afterwards. You will see that the listerine eats away their clear bodies and kills them immediately. For maintenance, fill a spray bottle with half water and half listerine. Spritz their hair and this will act like a repellant because they don't like the mentholated smell. This is a great way to get rid of these pests without dangerous pesticides. I discovered this after my daughter had a serious infestation after a sleepover.

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Listerine is fantastic!!!!! It worked yahhhh!!! Thank you for posting that remedy!!!


thank you so much for this! i found i had lice just an hour ago and done this and i am going to be using this for now on! thank you again

Shea Lynn

WOW Really??? I would of never thought, I just found a infestation on my 7 year old daughter her dad just dropped her off and wallah mom to the rescue i am gonna try this asap thanks for the hot tip :) ill let you know how it worked..


wow...okay..I've trued the mayo, viniger and other remedies, but not Listerine..Im going to try that on my daughter..she came home from school last week with a note from the nurse saying that there was no live bugs..but she took out a few nits from her hair..I've been doing her hair with conditioner and kids detangler every morning & that has been working so far..So next time she comes home with lice again..Im going to try the lsiterine trick!!..& it's cheap too..Thanks!! ;)


I agree about the Listerine! We had lice off and on for about 6 months last year due to my daughter being reinfested at school and after trying all the stuff on the market I stumbled upon the Listerine & Vinegar mixture. That finally did the trick and we were lice free for a year. Well I happened to notice my daughter scratching her head last week and lo and behold I found nits, I also found a live bug. I also have it. We have been doing the Listerine for an hour in shower cap, rinse, vinegar for an hour in a shower cap, rinse, DENOREX EXTRA STRENGTH shampoo in shower cap for about 15 minutes the wash & cond. with Suave Coconut shampoo. This is the exact solution that worked for us last year so I'm crossing my fingers it will work this time too!


well we tried the listerene thing about six months ago and it worked! we just found them nasty creatures again a gift from a friend down the road soooo here we go again, thanks for the idea if it works like the last time then we are all good! keep spreading the word cause it seems to do the trick


My daughter came home with nits. Didn't want to use usual over the counter stuff as I had heard that it can be quite dangerous for children. Tried the listerine for 1 hour in shower cap, rinsed, washed with coconut shampoo, dried hair and then used the hair straightener. IT WORKED!!!! I recommend this for anyone.


can you use the off brand or does it have to be listerine?

Arika in the West

Thanks for the remedy, I found this sick creature (nits) in my daughters hair tonight. Ugggg.... I have it too.So like a good mother, I called everyone who she has had close contact with friends, sleepovers etc. So I have to call in sick to work, and deal with this bug problem. But after reading this lil blog; I have a list of stuff to get tomorrow, and Listerene is one of them! I will let you know how it works.

Arika in the West

Hey so it's been 5 days since we tried this for the first time, we did the listerende knock off brand at wal-mart, put it on the heads for 2 hours with a shower cap, then rinsed then put white vinegar on for an hour then washed with coconut shampoo and followed with metal nit comb.I washed all the bedding, every day and sprayed with lysol on the things I couldnt wash or put in the dryer, every day you must do this. I also made a spray bottle solution of white vinagar, listerne, and tea tree oil which I used morning and night leave on for over night. For the 4 days following I proceded to check and remove the nits and used the comb. Today, 5 days later I did the same routine and if there was any nits I removed them after all was done and dried. I havent seen any bugs or new nits, I will do this same rotuine in 4-5 more days. We should be all good after this. I hate using that chemical stuff because it has been known to do sizeable damage to children after many uses, and sometimes it doesnt even work.

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