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Warning-this is gross, but honest!
5 (nearly 6)years ago I noticed a hard, pea-sized lump on the side of my breast, near my cleavage. I went to the doctor and he said, 'Oh, that's just a sub-dermal scar.' I've had a couple of mamograms over the years, the last one just a year ago. My mamograms came back fine and I figured it was just a scar that kept getting bigger under my skin. Over the past year I noticed that it seemed to be growing rapidly and felt to be about the size of a walnut. There was never a head on it and it wasn't sensitive/sore. One time I was squeezing it and a small amount of clear oil came out and it stunk! I did some research and determined it must be a sebaceous cyst. I made an appointment with a dermatologist (will be going in a few days) but heard about Ichthammol ointment and noticed quite a few posts online about people using it to treat their sebaceous cysts. I bought some (Walgreen's) and applied some before bed the night before last and put a bandage over it. It looks like tar and has an unpleasant odor, but I decided to give it a try because this big lump started to get a little sensitive this week and it was beginning to show when I wore some t-shirts that were fitted. SO, I decided I was going to take care of this beast myself-or at least satisfy my curiosity about what was inside it and whether it was really a sebaceous cyst. I tried once, over the last year, to poke it with a needle and I never did get anything out of it. I realize why, now. Anyhow, I applied the Ichthammol and a bandage and slept. Yesterday morning there didn't seem to be a great deal of difference. Perhaps it was a bit less inflamed. Other stories I read indicated that it takes a few days to work. I became impatient. I dampened a wash cloth and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and applied it as hot as I could stand it several times. I don't know if the hot compress helped much either, but it did seem to at least soften the skin. I didn't really anticipate getting anything out of this cyst, because it felt quite hard when I touched it-very dense. Boy was I surprised. After applying the wash cloth I squeezed the bump and really saw nothing other than some clear fluid coming from a few pores. I squeezed with a bit more force and felt like I'd hit the jackpot when some repulsively thick, smelly white stuff appeared. I squeezed a bit more and a little bit exploded out. That was when I decided I'd better go outside to the back patio if I was really going to make an earnest effort to get this crap out. I went outside, squeezed harder and it more gunk shot out, across the patio. I decided it would be safest to stand on the edge of the patio and direct this thing towards a section of my yard that is gravel. When I squeezed harder a thick stream of the white gunk shot across the gravel. It honestly looked the way it does when someone shoots silly string. Long thick strings shooting out. I couldn't believe it! Sorry for being graphic, but it looked and smelled exactly like ricotta cheese! So much for that lasagna I was going to bake. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to consume ricotta cheese again. After a while it wasn't coming out as easily. I remembered reading a few posts where people put vinegar on their lumps and I also remembered that vinegar has anti-bacterial properties. I also seemed to remember that vinegar can break down fat. SO, I poured some vinegar into a cup. I had some small syringes left from years ago when I had to inject blood thinners. Just small diabetic syringes. I was kind of chicken but decided to give it the ol' Girlscout try. I filled the syringe with vinegar and bravely stuck it into the middle of this lump. It, surprisingly, didn't hurt. I guess the inside of the lump was hollow and just filled with the 'ricotta,' (sorry...haha) because when the needle was in I could actually move it around a bit and it didn't hurt. Anyhow, the vinegar didn't hurt and really seemed to help me get all of the crap out of there. The stuff that came out was really dense and I honestly got at least 1/4-1/2 cup of the junk out. I kept filling the syringe and injecting the cyst with it and then squeezing it out. Kind of 'rinsing' it out. After a while it seemed like I'd gotten everything I could out of it. Instead of getting white stuff I ended up getting only vinegar and clearish-yellowish-pinkish fluid (sebum or oil?)when I expressed the contents. I finally decided I had put myself through enough torture and decided to let this thing rest a bit and allow any irritation I caused with vigorous squeezing (I had to do it really hard) to go down. Although I went through an entire box of tissues and a dozen cotton balls soaked in alcohol I ended up with slumps of the smelly, cheesy crap all over me. Next stop-a hot shower. The smell of soap was heavenly after exposing myself to an hour or two of nastiness. After I got out of the shower and did my regular routine (dried off, put on anti-perspirant and lotion) and put a big glob of neosporin on 'the beast' (Which now feels like a kernel of corn rather than something between a walnut and golf ball) and put a big band aid on it. 4-5 hours later, as I was getting ready for bed I decided to check and see if anything else had been or would come out of it. When I pulled the big bandage off I noticed some evidence of 'ricotta' mixed with the neosporin. After my earlier experience I knew I should be armed with tissues before even messing with the beast. I squeezed it and held a tissue in front. I couldn't believe how much more junk I got out! It was less work-it just seemed to want out this time. Instead of a thick stream (like silly string) it ended up being a finer stream (more like the diameter of twine)...but still thick and dense. I got about 4 teaspoon fulls of the junk out. I did a bit more of the vinegar injection thing and was satisfied when I only got vinegar back out. I, once again, globbed on neosporin and put a big bandage on it and went to sleep. I'm happy to report, today, that it is not draining. I was curious to see if there was more 'ricotta' this morning, before I cleaned it with alcohol and applied a new bandage. I only got some clear blister fluid! The ordeal was quite an experience. I can't believe I had all of that junk in my body! I'm sure many of you will freak out about my methods of treating myself. I don't claim to be an expert and I'm certainly not a doctor. I'm surprised that I'm not sore or swollen today. There's no longer an obvious lump, and if I feel where 'the beast' was it now feels about the size of a kernel of corn. I suspect the lump is either scar tissue or maybe the 'sack' I've seen people say needs to come out. In any case, I have an appointment with a dermatologist in 2 days and I'll request that he explore and make sure there's no 'sack' in there, and also ask him to take out the little lump. One word of advice-unless you have a very strong stomach don't do this yourself! I thought it would be gross, but the experience was honestly the nastiest thing I have ever witnessed or been through. I got curious and impatient. I guess I got my answer and some resolution...but you might just want to wait and go to the doctor!

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OMG people please don't inject vinegar into lumps or stick them with pins etc. Especially when you are not sure exactly what you are dealing with. SEE A DOCTOR!

Zenny Wong

I had a small upper back cyst near my spine. Seems about 1 cm. Wasn't inflamed but I can't resist noticing it in the mirror or sometimes touch it to feel the contents inside!

Have been reading forum and I have this phobia of the cyst getting bigger and inflamed if I do nothing about it.

Imagine a small cyst that require a few stitches and if not treated, grow to 1.5 inches and requires 20 stitches!

I decided to go do a excision at hospital as no general doctors are willing to do it at the clinic.

Had the surgery done and the nurse showed me a 2cm red coloured oval shaped mass that was removed in 15 minutes.

This is the 4th day after surgery, after 3 stitches. Hope the scar is minimal :)


I have the same issue too with systs. I have one on my cheek close to my nostril. The doctor is trying to charge me $800 to remove it... I have had others on my body too. My Scrotum, my back and this one on my face. The hot clothes and ointment have worked before for my home remedie treatment but this new lump, gumball sized, just won't come to a head. I'mean afraid to poke it with a needle like my other ones because I don't want to damage nerves and paralyze my face. I'very read online it happens quite frequently... Your story is good, helpful. Systs are VERY common. Not alot of people talk about them, it's good to be open and educated about them. But if I have any advice; you should ALWAYS check with s doctor to find out which type of syst you have... Thank you for sharing you story. How did you checkup turn out?


I had a large Pilonidal Cyst on my tailbone. I could hardly walk, and it was the size of a baseball before I knew what was happening. My mother tried to get me to saok it, etc but we ended up having to go to the dr. to get it lanced and drained. I didn't see what was in it, my mother did. She said it was gross, and we could both smell it. Smelled like something had died in my arse. LOL I had a silly string one in my arm once, and I recently developed 6 at once. I am gonna try to use some home remedies to conquer these. That will be tomorrows project. Thanks for your story, it made me laugh.

Festy face folly

Way funny. I used to get them on the back of my ears,and to be honest, I loved squeezing them and making them explode,of course I would have to do this in the shower. However up until 3 years ago they stopped forming behind my ears, life was good. Then one formed on my face, I call it the assassin, possibly a cousin of the ear zit exacting revenge for killing his relatives. So that was 3 years ago, and counting. Oh, and squeezing, not so fun anymore. I am glad I am not the only one with cheesy toe jam blood. Any hoot, so tell me, is there an end all type of remedy. Cheers

Just frustrated

Had the same kind if cysts on my eyebrow. .told me I had shingles. .6 days later no relief actually eye was swollen shut..went to ER. No shingles. But an absess..the doc scapeled it and I thought my daughter was going to tests results of goo and it was mrsa...seriously 6 days on the wrong meds..


My husband has one in a VERY precarious position! He's squeezed the smelly stuff out twice now! It's back to pea size again, but I think next time it gets big again; we'll definitely go to the doctor!!

Thanks for sharing your story!!

sore nuts

I had one in between my right testicle and my inner thigh mine was the size of a pea and squeezed it the first time and got a little smelly white stuff researched and found this site. Then squeezed the shit out of it and got the rest then a harder white tip was poking out so with tweezers I grabbed it and pulled out a tough sack!!! Then its just bleeding and I've put a small bandaid over it after using new skin and alcohol swabs. That sucked!


I've got a big lump under my arm now there's a smell comming from it I'm so frightens to go to the doctors invade it's BAD news I'm 60 Margaret from Liverpool


This information was really helpful thank you..

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