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1. Keep your hair and your hands off your face, the oils from both will clog your pores.
2. Avoid heavy makeups, creams, and lotions. And while harsh chemical peels and masks might make you feel clean, they can irritate your skin making it worse.
3. Drink water.
4. Wash your face daily with the most natural products available. I like the new Facial Clay (for daily use) and Cornmeal (twice a week as a natural exfoliant)Soaps from Krayv Naturals ( They're a lot cheaper and more effective than the prescription stuff. I always end up feeling squeaky clean but without my face getting too dried out.

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The items probably are good 'support' for skin. Your skin (an organ) reflects/shows what you eat. If clogged pores were really the problem; why don't 10000 soldiers who live in the woods for 45 or more days with no showers not get acne? It's from the foods you eat. Acne is a symptom of food allergies. Figure out what you're allergic to and it will go away. I have done it myself.

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