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We're all taking ibuprofen but while you wait for that to kick in and you don't have orajel, here's an option. Take an ice cube and hold it on the web between thumb and index finger on the same side as the tooth ache. (left side of your mouth hold ice on.left hand. I know it sounds crazy but I guess the nerves in your hand and jaw are connected. It'll work long enough for the pain pills to kick in. Right now I have no ibuprofen or orajel so I'm gonna try the cloves & tea bag. Hope Earl Grey works. My hand is frozen already but it knocked the pain back to a dull roar.

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Big Daddy Kane

Thank you so much for this idea. I was very skeptical but at this point I would have drank acid if I thought it might help. The ice WORKED! Wow. Amazing!


Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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