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Rub Noxema on the burned area. It keeps your skin feeling cool, AND moisturizes the damaged skin(in other words, helps heal.) It works like a charm, and takes away all the pain.

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I am trying to be kind but. . . are you for real Noxema menthol and sunburn OUCH!!! Try a warm yes I said warm compress to draw out the heat the face cloth should be slightly wet not fully rung out. Drink lots of water your body need water from the inside out.


Tryed it. It works for me for a bit but the sting and pain comes back. Think u for the idea.


Noxema is not for burns of any kind. This can cause serious damage! Do not use! I had a babysitter put noxema on a burn when I was a child and ended up having to have a skin graft because the noxema increased the burns damage, it can also contribute to infection!

TTM, from FL

Hello 2 everyone! I just tried noxema on my sunburn, and gotta say it works like magic. The feeling will come back after 2-3 hours, but clean the area from the old application and re-apply, and I dont suggest it for any other kind of burn.


I got a bad sunburn yesterday, and Noxema is working (not as much as I would like) but is still working. My mom gave me the idea, and said that's what her mother would always do when she was younger.

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