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I was having jaw problems and was diagnosed with mild TMJ. I noticed that when my jaw was acting up the most was the day after I had put lots of pressure on it. I usually lie down on my stomach in bed and brace my head by letting it sit on my jaw. Bad idea! I found that if I put pressure on my jaw, it would make me suffer. Avoid unnecessary pressure on the lower jaw.

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i was diagonosed with it also! you are so right about laying on your stomach and i wasnt even putting pressure on it at all, hurts like heck! wow. no pain meds take it away for long so i use an ice pack, saves me some pain. its spasms so it cools them of. mine are not painful right now and not constant but they were.:)


Oh my! i have been doing this also, and now i have this TMJ syndrome already. ;(

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