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Each remedy i tried worked... for a few days. then it was like the fungus figured out how to fight it and took over again. for a week now i've been switching out several remedies and i'm starting to see good results. a.m - urine. after work - medicated cream. walk the dog - clean socks and vicks vapo rub. evening - vinegar soak. bedtime - honey and clean socks. and lysol sprayed in my shoes every evening. it's tiresome, but my feet feel and look human again.

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KISS the cure . Keep it Safe and Simple . The purpose of natural remedies is to avoid things that are toxic or potentially harmful to the body. Too much stuff is overkill and your cocktail could be taxing your liver which has to filter all that stuff from your body. We don't give enough thought to the fact that what we put ON our bodies should be as safe as what we eat. Try one thing (preferably cheap and safe vinegar.) and be very very diligent about cleaning up bathroom floors, rugs showers etc. I believe that is the main reason the fungus always creeps back. Also instead of Lysol take a Saturday morning and a spray bottle of vinegar to all of your shoes. Wipe well. I promise you'll be free.


I agree that Lysol is poisonous for the liver and stuff ... Instead use vinegar or garlic, please.

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