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I found out I had herpes about a month ago, two weeks before my 23rd birthday (April 2011). I was devastated, I still have no idea who gave it to me. I have taken my meds (Acyclovir) as directed, but haven't seemed to work. I will talk to my doctor at my next appointment. I decided I wanted to have sex but had a few breakouts and so I figured I would put New Skin Liquid Bandage on them, within a few hours they shrunk. I didn't have sex until after they were healed and used protection, what I failed to do in the past. Just do not put the New Skin on open sores, it will burn like hell. Hope this helps. I have also used Tea Tree Oil and take Korean Panax Ginseng to help with stress. I'm a big time stresser, probably why I stay broken out. But Tea Tree Oil helps with shrinking breakouts.

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My OBGYN told me and my ex to my face that I did not have the herpes virus, yet I still have outbreaks for a year now. He prescribed Acyclovir to me, which is the cheapest medication for herpes tha you can get, which it most likely why it isn't as affective as other prescription drugs. I'm still trying to find a home remedy for myself seeing as my prescription just ran out!


i have herpes simplex 1 an i was wondering if i can still have sex safe sex because knock on wood im not infected down there an im scared every day that i wont have a girl freind because of this disease please write back and talk to me =(

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