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I have a yeast infection since 2004 including oral thrush - i have tried everything - dr gave me nystatin liquid to swish and swallow, creams, fluconizole, diflucan,nystatin powder.... everything seems to almost get rid of it but never quite... i often feel like they dont give me enough medication or something... whatever the issue it just hasnt worked. So for the thrush, i have been dumping salt on my tongue the past few days and guess what!?! its going away!!!!! i dont have as much white looking stuff or sore red blotches anymore! there is still a little bit of a thin white coating on my tongue but im sure that too will pass!!! i am so excited.... i have to find out how to use the salt on the rest of my bosy like my scalp and shins and groin area and nails... i have been batteling this forever. i still dont know the cause - i am hivaids free i have been tested about 7 times over the past several years.

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look into cutting out the sugar in your diet, or even to do a yeast flush. can get it at gnc... cutting sugar out helps...


oh and eat lots of yogurt


I would recommend looking into a natural long-term cure rather than just trying to deal with the symptoms short term. You can get more info on my site Good luck!


Do a low Carb diet and cut out sugar for the long works oh also check your blood sugar for sure. Short term keep area clean with dial soap several times a day and apply a product called blue goo..this system. Totally got rid of mine which I've. Had for years...oh the blue goo may burn for a minute so put your dancing shoes on and fan the area...good luck


Yes, since cutting out sugar I have noticed big improvments


are you a diabetic?

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