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Thank you to everyone on this site! My biggest trigger is stress and I have been under a ton of it lately. So of course I have my first outbreak in over 10 years. It came on very fast so I couldn't do anything to prevent it. Twice a day I have been doing the epsom salts & apple cider vinegar baths followed by mercuroclear and then a blend of Abreva and Monistat cream. I use a hair dryer to dry the area in between - another great tip from this site. That has stopped the outbreak in its tracks! No itching, no burning, no new blisters, no open blisters. I wanted to try Tylenol PM in the cream mixture, but the types of pills around here are impossible to crush and have coatings on them.

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Buy the Walmart brand Tylenol PM and you can actually pull the coating off. It takes a little work but they do slide off. Its not really a coating but more of a capsule around a regular pill. I usually do the entire bottle at once when Im watching TV. Of everything Ive tried the crushed Tylenol seems to be the only way I can sleep at night. It stings really bad when I apply it to really bad sores, but once that pain subsides I can 'handle' the pain from the sores for hours. Hope that helps some.


I use a garlic mincer (one that is all metal) to crush the pills. Works pretty well.


I believe I got this from an ex boyfriend that I had for 6 months about 7 years ago. This is my 3rd flare up since that time.

This is what Im doing to see if it helps

1-I used a mortar and pestle to crush my pills - Lysine and Tylenol PM
2-Pored a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and mixed in the crushed pills
3-washed the area with anti bacterial soap
4-used my mixture on the area with a q-tip to clean it
5-let everything dry
6-used campho-phenique in the gel form not the liquid
7-braved a small swig of that apple cider vinegar (YUCK almost made me barf)
8-ate one of the lysine and a vitamin c... both 500mg

the whole process hurts a bit... stings... but immediately my 4 bumps got super white and hard as if they were drying out... they seemed to turn into one large hard lump instead of separate smaller ones

We will see if this works... but already the pain and itching feels better as I type this

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