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If your constipation remedies have failed you and you are trying to have a bowel movement try the following: With the bowel movement started but not moving when you strain, place your fingers above or beside the anus and apply pressure to change the shape or help force out the hard feces. This works for me because of the pain killers I must take whch causes severe constipation. Stool softeners help somewhat.

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Gary Dantzler

I don't know but I really hope Wilbur gets this message! God bless you my friend! You are not only a genius but a great blessing! The fingers and pressure sounded gross but I did it and WOW! I could not believe how that worked! I also take pain meds that bind me up but thank you SO much as now I know how to 'unbind' God Bless You my friend! You can e mail me at (I hope this isn't an (HTML tag????)


Thank you, I have this issue every now and then with pain killers also.... but nothing prepared me for having throat surgerory. The Doc nicked a large vein and I swallowed quite a bit of blood. fast forward 5 days and I am constipated bad. Guess I never gave much much thought to where all the blood went. It will lock you up tight. Your method is all that seems to be working. Oh and the one other thing that makes this so much fun. Since he sutured up that vein he tells me 'Dont do anything where you have to strain, you dont want to break that vessel and bleed out' Thanks Doc.


I had a similar experience, I had neck surgery and my doctor advised me not to strain. In addition to being laid up in the hospital for several days I was also on several pain medications and anti-inflammatory's. When I went home I was walking funny from being so stoved up. After a brutal two weeks I discovered a 'stoolstep' at a friends house. It raises your legs reducing strain and positioned me in a totally different way. I went out the next day and purchased one. I continue to take medication that constipates me and eat a lot of fiber but don't think I would be as happy without my 'Stoolstep'


On my gosh, thank you so much. This sounded nasty, however straining was painful, this really works. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


wonderful that this seems to work for so many people. just can't imagine assaulting a trouble spot.


i am in the same situation just had my third neck surgery and i cant move my bowels since the day before the surgery and that was on the 11th have irratable bowel syndrom also on pain killers and steriods...I also been taking stool softners and laxitives and still nothing..,...I am beging to become hopeless


Well I was. little hesitant, but in great discomfort. Give this man a MEDAL!!! Such a simple, private and very effective remedy. The relief I currently feel is blissful. Following a spinal procedure I have been on very strong pain killers for pain management through the recovery period. Whilst in hospital I 'strained' whilst having a bowel motion with sppositories. The pain was off the scale for the next six hours. I wish I had known how to do this simple procedure then. It works. Period.

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