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mrs b

i had adult cradle cap when i was a teenager, docotor prescribed me a few things and nothing worked.
My hairdresser suggested coconut oil... id put it on beofre bed, use a fine brush and try and get some off my scalp in the morning, then wash it off.
After a few years it went in a week!! It smells nicer than olive oil too!!

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Coconut oil worked to gently soften my baby's cradle cap. It is a light oil and smells lovely. The dry skin gradually came away with no scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Definitely worth a try.


Thank you for this suggestion! My 11 year old daughter was in tears last night as I was picking the flakes out of her hair that was just washed. I happen to have the coconut oil in the pantry, too. I'll post again with results.


Don't try to comb too soon. Let the oil set for a bit first. Maybe add some more too. Coconut oil has so many healing properties anyway, it's probably the best. Get unrefined. What I want to know it - Do you have to treat it forever? Is there a cure?

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