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F Simes

I had panic attacks intermittently from age 21 to 45. I have not had them for the last 10 years. My first panic attack was probably the most frightening thing I'd experienced. It lasted four hours. I was taken to ER and my pulse and blood pressure were dangerously high. I was given liquid Valium intravenously, which cured me instantly.

Now, however, I have my own regimen and they are as follows:

1. Whistle a tune. Whistling forces you to breathe normally and corrects the O2/CO2 imbalance. An imbalance of those gases will make feel disoriented and make your heart palpitate.

2. Sing a song. Singing does the same thing. It's also a pleasurable thing to do, along with whistling, which causes you to take your mind off the panic. Singing decreases the production of fear-generating neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine.

3. Have someone rub your feet. Or for that matter, have them give you a full body massage. This also reduces the production of the fear-oriented peptides and takes your mind off the panic.

4. Learn to meditate. I'm not suggesting one take up a mystical practice. Proper meditating is all about breathing properly and thinking of nothing but your breathing. This helps you both in terms of correcting the possible O2/CO2 imbalance and to help you produce neurotransmitters associated with a sense of well-being, such as serotonin, and calm-inducing ones, such as endorphin.

5. Eat a few papaya enzymes. Take 4, 5, 10, or 12. Papaya enzymes are absolutely harmless in terms of side effects but highly effective in curing an upset stomach. Gas in your stomach – gastritis – can make you feel pressure into your chest. Papaya enzymes will in one minute eliminate the painful, gassy, bloated feeling in the abdomen and stomach that can make you think that there is something wrong with your heart.

6. Do as the main character from 'The Beautiful Mind' dealt with his schizophrenia by saying to himself 'Well, that's just my schizophrenia, so I'm going to ignore it'. One can do the same with panic and anxiety by saying 'Well, that's just my panic, so I'm going to choose to let it do its thing and I'm not going to let it bother me so much', or something to that effect. By saying this to oneself, he/she objectifies the fear, doom, and downward spiral of panic enough to cope with it and to not react to it in a feeding-back, out-of-control manner.

7. Exercise. Take up yoga, Tai-chi, Qi Quong, pilates, calisthenics, ken-po, kung-fu, aiki-do, gynnastics, stretching, trapeze, bicycling, swimming. Sweating out one's toxins makes you feel better in general AND you feel stronger. One produces more of the desirable neurotransmitters with exercise, as well.

8. Eat food that hasn't been denatured and adulterated. Who knows what all the hormones, antibiotics, insecticides, herbicides, and genetic-altering can do to your nervous system?

9. Take vitamin and mineral supplements.

10. Get plenty of sleep. Take naps as needed.

That's my remedy for panic or anxiety attacks.

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Good tips but there is only one thing that ever worked for me and that is the panic away technique. Come and read my fill review of it at


Thank you for the tips! Best naturl tips ever heard of love, when u said breathe out the panic attack! One thing has helped is prayer! Thanks shell


simple,practical and highly workable suggestions.An excellent work.


I agree that naps and enough sleep do really help. It won't even cost us a cent :)

martin wakefield

Thank you for taking the time to put this up its a grate help x

Ms Stressed

What awesome advice. I am going to use the portion about accepting/ignoring. That is a fabulous concept. Thank you.


love how you go outside for fresh air or open a window that is one main thing that helps he instantly especially if it's cold out love the papaya idea brilliant never heard of it! also I do meditate just not as often as I should my health has been off lately and my nerves are shot I often tremble especially at night while at rest hoping this goes away soon thanks for the excellent advice I will take them along with me for my every day life


Thank you so much... my anxiety is taking over lately... sometimes I feel it is in control and other times it controls me. I have been turning to alcohol and cigarettes which only make it worse. :( Very sad indeed. I will use all of these tips in the future. Know of any good websites on mediation? I look at a few but some of them are weird.


It took me SO long to figure out the gas thing. It's amazing how much an upset stomach can make everything else go haywire. And of course, anxiety and panic just makes the situation worse. Most of your list affirms mine. Affirmations are important too :)

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