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My vertigo is caused by allergies, gargle with listerene often and it will help drain the fluid from the ear. You must find the cause before you can treat it.

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I have those too but the best way i found for me to treat it was with large doses of fresh ginger, or lacking that, ginger pills! wow does it work!


I get vertigo so bad that it throws me to the ground when I do anything with my head if if it's coming on. There is no stopping but I have realized that mine is caused also by allergies I forgot to take my allergy pill for a whole week because I felt I didn't need it and guess what I ended up on the floor yesterday with a huge vertigo attack. This type of vertigo attack takes three weeks for me to be able to resume life But only part of my life because I am worse off I'm fearful for 2-3 years afterwards it's gonna happen to me when I'm in the pool or driving or walking down my stairs it's very scary feeling. So I kept my vertigo at bay since the last was 2005 by if I felt any fluid moving in my head I took an extra strength Mucinex. To my daughters graduation honors ceremony for being home full-time she works on weekends I just have a life again. As much as you can call A life because I do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia both, Another thing I haven't done for a month is take my quality 1100 mg of fish oil, Since I've been going to the pool to do my water exercises,I felt I didn't need to take my vitamin D 3 Supplement Since I was in the sun an hour day I guess I do need to start taking it again as well. Good luck everybody

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