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Boil water and salt and put in a sterilized container. Wait until it is warm. Get an eye dropper and get some of the solution of boiled water and salt. Put a couple of drops in each nostril while your nose if facing the ceiling. Wait until you feel the salt water in your throat then blow your nose. I have done this for two weeks and have not had a sinus headache since. Irrigate your nose morning and night and you will begin to see the difference.

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I have been suffering with nasal congestion for two years and I hope this really works. I got these medicine for it but it doesn't last long and I hate taking pills.


seriously. it works. and u could use saline. who cares.

Mz firme

Omg thank u so much i love u i just did it n it work perfecly


I tried it. At first I noticed immediate improvement. And then suddenly, within seconds, my nose stuffed up again. And stayed that way for a while. I did the salt drops again, and it seemed to get worse. Now, about half an hour later, it seemed to free up a bit. I'm considering surgery to cut these things out of my nose. They swell up so much that I can't get any air through them at all.


It worked for me. Thanks for this remedy.


I did what you said and I am still stopped up


OR!!! you can just purchase a Neti Pot - they have them at whole foods now for about 15 bucks, do it once a week and it'll change your life!! :)

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