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Boil water and salt and put in a sterilized container. Wait until it is warm. Get an eye dropper and get some of the solution of boiled water and salt. Put a couple of drops in each nostril while your nose if facing the ceiling. Wait until you feel the salt water in your throat then blow your nose. I have done this for two weeks and have not had a sinus headache since. Irrigate your nose morning and night and you will begin to see the difference.

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mizz keke a.ka mizzsexyas

imma try it see if it work the second only work for a few seconds and thats when i got mad all it did was make me sneeze


I'm trying this when I get home from work. I've been loud all night blowing my nose.... ewww


At first when I tried it, my right nostril was still stuffy and my throat started to hurt really bad because of the salt. But after a couple of hours and blowing my noise constantly, I noticed a huge difference! My nostril was finally clear and I could breathe out of it, through both..I haven't been able to do that for months now. So despite the after taste, this really does work, although it might take a few drops and hours to get it there, it's worth it, believe me.


Is it the same as using a nasal flush where you pump the saline upright into the nostril?
That one does not work very well.


My nose was stocked for 2 days, today was my first day where both of my nasal passages were blocked. I was devastated...I googled and found first It didn't work, that's how badly I I pinched my nose and blew as if I was going to pop my ears and quickly poured it down...I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! (oh yes, at first I didn't use enough salt, I added a little more, and even though it scratched my throat a worked a lot better!!)


thought this would work but it didnt for me it atcually made it worse


well it worked but 5 mins later my nose clogged back up :(


i had been using mucinex full force for more then amonth and i tried getting off it and i was miserable i hopped on this site tried it and i was all G is a minute thx mayne


did not work at all


Used an aspirator to squirt the solution in and immediately relieved blockage on one side. That's a big big improvent in itself.

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