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Boil water and salt and put in a sterilized container. Wait until it is warm. Get an eye dropper and get some of the solution of boiled water and salt. Put a couple of drops in each nostril while your nose if facing the ceiling. Wait until you feel the salt water in your throat then blow your nose. I have done this for two weeks and have not had a sinus headache since. Irrigate your nose morning and night and you will begin to see the difference.

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I did this about 5 years ago and have not had a sinus infection since. I now use saline drops works just as good...


WOW .. I have been suffering from nasal congestion forever it seeems and i dont like medications, so i tried this just now and it was amazing how effective it was!! I am breating in both nostrils for the first time in days! thank you


OMGOSH this remedy works except when I made the remedy i add like just a tiny tiny amount of cayanne pepper because i heard it was good for clearing your nose. But this worked within seconds and i could instantly breath. I heard that chronic nasal congestion could also be an alergic reaction to food and that it would be the only symptom in case that helps anyone out.


That is just Saline!!! How is that a home remedy. Fork over the 1.50 and buy the saline spray. Come on, get lucid!


the point of making it from home is that it doesnt have all the crap the 'saline solution' you buy in stores have that your body doesnt need.


I hope it works...


it really works!!!!!




This does work ive been doing it for years.


Maybe I did it wrong. I'm still suffering!

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