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I have had psoriasis for 24 years, and not once in that period of time has it gone completely. I have tried everything the doctor has given me, and the only prescribed cream that worked (really well actually) was Dovenix ointment. It's excellent and so is the scalp solution. I also found puva treatment effective. However, NOTHING was permanent and as soon as I stopped treatment the psoriasis would come right back, so obviously, for me anyway, traditional medicine was futile.

I went to see a 'kinesiologist' who did all these physical tests on me to find out what was wrong with my system, what I was lacking, what foods I was intolerant to. She told me I had a candida overgrowth and put me on a very strict diet (short term) with supplements (zinc, magnesium, enzymes and probiotics). I stuck to it for six weeks and didn't see much improvement but then after another couple of weeks it started to just fade away. ... It's a long story.. but I stopped the diet (it was Christmas) and my symptoms all came back. The psoriasis for me is directly linked to my digestive system. If it is slow, in other words I'm consitpated, then the psoriasis gets much worse.

The candida has now cleared up and I am now on a less strict diet, and the skin continues to improve. It is 95% gone. I genuinely can't believe it and I'm really proud of myself for sticking to the diet and beating the psoriasis myself. At the moment I have to avoid dairy produce, wheat, sugar, coffee and chocolate... I do have an instant coffee once a day (and the odd bit of chocolate etc. especially if I'm eating out) but on the whole I never cook with any of those foods and I don't eat processed/ready made food because they all contain these things. I have a very regular digestive system and I now wear short sleeves to work and I hadn't done that for a couple of years.

I believe the candida was the main aggravator of the psoriasis.. causes of this can be a high sugar diet and too many antibiotics... both possible for me. And I'm intolerant to the other foods mentioned, which is why I still need to avoid them. Maybe in a few years I will be able to start eating them again - apparently this can happen with food intolerance. It would be nice to eat pizza again!!

Good luck!!

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hi there, im sixteen years old and ive had scalp psoriasis for the past three years. But over the past four months ive developed guttate psoriasis as well, and to get rid of both forms ive also taken on an anti candida diet that ive been doing for about four and a half weeks and ive seen improvements with hardly any flaking and smaller spots, but i would just like to know how long you think it might have taken for yours to completely heal up? im trying not to be impatient with my healing, but im ver determined to get it gone asap


I am in agreement with most of what you said and feel this is very valid. I would like to add I used Fumaric Acid sold by Vitamin Research Products keep me virtually free of psoriasis for many years until recently I broke out all over my body like I never had before. The Fumaric Acid has stopped working to the degree that it did. If I am not taking it at all, it could be worse-I started taking a product called Tinefcon sold on Amazon, it is a Ayurvedic Medicine. I am in the process of trying to eliminate the culprits such as dairy (Atkins Shakes) and other dairy. I am also trying to stay away from beef, pork and eat chicken and fish, some say, even that is to much toxin. If you can do fresh juicing I think this is a great benefit. If you can find a copy of James and Phylis Balch on 'Natural Cures' it offers many good ideas on nutrition. Since my major breakout I have been doing many of the above, but it is a slow process. Stress I believe is another big culprit for breakouts so I meditate and pray a lot. I am sure I could go on since having psoriasis at approx. age 25 and I am currently 60.

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