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I used a magnifying glass and concentrated the sunlight around all of my toenails for about 30 seconds. I did this about three times within an hour for two days. It has been a week and I am seeing the black area in one of my toenails beginning to vanish. I also used a over the counter anti-fungal liquid to ensure that I do not contract it again from my shoes or socks. I am going to hit my nails with the magnifying glass about once a week (permitting I have sunlight). I suggest that people get a smaller magnifying glass rather than a large one. I bought one that was about four inches by 3 inches and the focal point of the sun light was too large and too intense. I was thankful the magnifying glass had a smaller bifocal section, about one inch in diameter, that I used. I also want to add that I did use the larger glass on my nails, but I did not focus it to the point where it burned. I focused the light to a point where I felt heat but did not burn me.

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This also worked for me. The pills, numberous topical treatments, debridement, and combinations of some or all of the above did not prevent re-infection. The magnifying glass did the trick. I only treated a debrided nail twice and it has been several months and it is growing back clear.

Sharon - Virginia

I have had nail fungus (toenails and fingernail) for about 2 years now. I have used Penlac faithfully for this period of time - it helped, but would not cure it. It would get almost better then come back strong. I read about a guy from VA Tech who used the magnifying glass and 'cooked' it - I tried it and have seen results - am not cured completely, but all it will take is time, more 'cooking' of the nails - 4 of them appear to be completely cured. It works You'all!!!!


Light(especially ultraviolet light)will kill fungus, that's a scientific fact. A lot of MD's have jumped on the bandwagon of using laser light to kill nail fungus,and charging people hundreds of dollars for something they could do themselves. Focusing ultraviolet sunlight on nail fungus will do the same, just be careful not to burn yourself with too much focus. When you feel the burn starting to come, back up the focus a little...

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