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I'm back and writing again just to testify that after 40 years of misery, I am now nearly


******** VINEGAR RULES!!! **************

I'm making spreading the word about VINEGAR instead of all the toxic anti-fungal creams and drugs my personal mission. I still fume when I think of all the money wasted, and the pain and suffering I needlessly endured

Finally The gritty hand towels I used for the ferocious itch at night no longer reside in my nightstand. No more hours 'cleaning up' before a professional pedicure. No more ugly peeling feet on the beach. No more trying on only one shoe in the shoe store. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

VINEGAR is the way to go. Apple CIDER VINEGAR or WHITE VINEGAR either will do.
Some like to dilute and soak, personally I liked a full strength spray.

BUT, If for any reason you don't feel VINEGAR is working for you, no matter what cure you try, be sure to treat or disinfect ALL shoes, socks,and surfaces too. They are where the FUNGUS LIVES ON just waiting to RE-CONTAMINATE your feet.

That explains why all of the expensive creams only work for a while, The fungus is alive and well just waiting for you to run out of it.


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should i soak my feet or just apply it to the affected area


May I ask your opinion on disinfecting all shoes, socks and whatnot? Lysol? Bleach? Please advise!


for starters I would use a vinegar & water whole foot soak. Give it an hour then scrub and scrape etc. The next day begin with a 2x a day vinegar spray (whole foot). Once In the AM before putting on shoes and hose, then again after you have removed them for the day. give it about 3 weeks depending on the severity of your athletes foot. As for treating shoes, I actually used undiluted vinegar with spectacular results. I poured a little in each shoe then wiped each out WELL. You should probably soak your socks or hose in a vinegar water solution too since those are things worn next to skin. Actually the bleach and Lysol is best used for floors, shower stalls and other surfaces. I mentioned the chemicals because mot people associate them with disinfection.

BTW wash hosiery separate from other clothes athletes foot spores can contaminate laundry and may be the cause of jock itch. If so Try soaking undies in vinegar/water too.

I love the spray because you will find that it stops the itch on contact. Instead of using fingers, a towel, or worse the nearest rug to scratch, vinegar puts the fire out right away. It may sting in the beginning but eventually nothing but cool...


What if the AF had spread throughout my body, what shold i be using on my body???


Ive been using vinegar...vinegar diluted,undiluted,with epsom salt, with out, acv, white, once a day, twice a day... I tried Adding tea tree oil after the vinegar (made it worse). I do think the acv helps a little, gotta still use the creams tho. Ive done it all rx creams, otc, salt soaks , garlic wedges, changing my diet, neem oil, oil of oregano... treatments anywhere from 3 days - 6 weeks depending how much they help. I just finished trying tea tree oil, now there's a rash, not sure if thats af too or just irritated. After I get it back to manageable with the acv epsom salt soaks and monostat 3 (helps but not a cure) I think im going to try vicks. My point is this, 'spread the word' all u want, I truly am glad it worked for u and others, but it doesn't necessarily work for everyone.

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