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I have struggled with foot odor for a couple of years now. I am only 16 but if I go to a friends house or really anywhere and I wear tennis shoes I am more comfortable keeping them on rather than taking them off becuase of the odor. I tried this remedy of soaking your feet in tea. All you do is buy regular tea bags(I used community coffee brand) up to you but no Green Tea, Flavored Tea, Etc. Cook the tea by boiling water and placing tea bags in it. Once it has cooled off a bit pour tea into a bucket or bowl and soak your feet in tea for about 30 minutes. You should smell a difference after. I have done this about once a month and it has worked for me. Hope it helps(:

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It really works, i tried it years ago, it really helps especially if you keep up on it. I have also found that with sweaty/smelly feet it is a good idea to have fabreeze or a generic brand to spray your shoes with everynight before bed, and a foot powder/baby powder every couple days or so to help with the odor (provided that you dont plan to take your shoes off anywhere that day)

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