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I have very acne prone oily combination skin.

19 years old.

Have had very bad acne, but now it's under control.

Internally I drink lots of water. I like to take my multivitamins in the morning with it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I drink nothing but water. No soda whatsoever.

For my face, I use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser in the morning. Then I apply my spot treatment (neutrogena on the spot acne) I wait a few minutes then apply my tinted moisturizer (Aveeno light complexion spf.30 tinted moisturizer) .. or (Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisture SPF 15) I like both.

I recommend not wearing anything else on your face (makeup wise) as you risk clogging pores. Coming from a person who used to worship makeup, the result was large pores and blackheads. If you need to wear makeup, mineral makeup is always great. Get makeup with SPF in it to protect from sun damage, including lips.

At night (twice a week), I prepare my face for cleansing with a warm wet rag that I microwave for a few seconds and place on my face (NOT TOO HOT) I do this about 4 times.

I exfoliate my skin with sugar mixed with a little olive oil and egg white. Wash it off, and cleanse with my cetaphil cleanser.

then apply benzoyl peroxide to my affected areas.

wait 5 min. then apply my night time moisturizer.

My favorite masks are:
mint julep
aspirin mask (crushed aspirin/water/honey)

if you dont want to do the sugar/olive oil method.

My skin is pretty clear now besides a few here and there.. but thats only during my girl time.

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First I'd like to commend you for wearing SPF, thats great. Secondly, I'd like to mention if you have any sort of issues with acne or oily skin there are products on the mass market you can purchase and will help combat any of those problems you may be having. Murad makes a wonderful mattifying moisterizer with SPF. Cetaphil also makes a moisterizer with SPF. Aveeno is a brand that is best for people with normal/dry skin and while it will aid you in your desire to protect from the sun, will not help you with your oily skin.


Also.. ben. peroxide is horribly notorious for bleaching the skin. Its also known for drying the skin out so much it creates an over stimulus of oil production- thus, causing more acne breakouts. Go for Salicylic Acid it kills the bacteria and does not bleach/over dry the skin. I believe I'm familiar with the 'Mint Julep' Mask you are referring to, its not the best. If you are genuinely having oily and acne issues, go to your local health food store and inquire if they sell Bentonite Clay. You can use this as a mask and it will do fabulous things to combat oil and is earth-friendly. When in doubt, ask an Esthetician or Dermatologist.

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