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Cranberry juice is the way to go, folks. I was uncomfortable for 2 days before I got some cranberry juice. Get the unsweetened, 100% cranberry juice. It's yucky but it really works! I drank 32 oz the first day and woke up feeling much better. Drank another 32 oz the next day and it did the trick! I live in a rural area and there isn't any health food store but the regular grocery store had the right kind of juice -- had to look kind of hard though.

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Did you during any water at all or just the juice?


Did you drink any water during this time or just juice?


what about Cran reaspberry or Cran lemonade?


craneberry juice worked for me in the first few years of my bladder infection, but now it does nothing to it. passes through like water.


tshepi -
If you do not change the lifestyle and or dietary practices which are causing the infections, the remedy you are using will eventually become ineffective. The reason for this is that the imbalance in your system that is behind the recurrent infections is not being addressed and over time that imbalance will become more deeply established in the body. ..... You need to eliminate all forms of sugar, alcohol, refined foods and even cold foods or drinks from you diet. Move to a whole foods diet with lots of alkalizing foods such as dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale etc. .... Fresh squeezed lemon juice in filtered water is a good liquid to consume daily. ... Incorporate either organic spirulina and or chlorella into your daily diet. These can be obtained in either pill or powder form at any health food store or on line.

You would benefit from finding a good acupuncturist for some treatments to balance your kidney/bladder energies on a deep level.


Had been taking Bactrim DS for 7 days along with Phosphasal (for discomfort) with no results. Sent my hubby out to the health food store after reading this. He bought the cold pressed, unsweetened organic Lakeshore Cranberry juice along with some cranberry soft gel supplements. The juice is very sour/bitter but worked like a champ. I drank one half to one cup every hour wit lots of water in between. Within 8 hours I was 50% improved. Slept like a baby & did not have to get up during the night to pee! Next day I kept the same regimen and by that evening I was almost back to normal. Thanks for the post! It worked for me!


Cranberry juice use to work for me, I'd drink a whole 48 oz bottle of it in one day with nothing else, just the juice and it would go away. But now that I'm almost 30 and have had so many and done this method so much it doesn't work for me anymore. All it does is take the pain away for the next day then it comes right back full blast. Lots and Lots of water works the best now. When waking up in the mornings and after my first urination of the day, my bladder will feel on fire and ache. I down at least 20 oz of water as fast as I can and within about 2 hours the pain will subside after the water moves through and flushes the nights bacteria that sits and builds out of my bladder and what got stuck in my urethra. Trust me plain water is the best. A lot of people have recommended lemon juice but the acid will make it far worse. Stick to plain water at room temp.


If you can't stand the taste of cranberry juice, like myself, cranberry pills, AZO or what ever your local stores generic brand ((generic is usually cheaper by a buck or too, which savs you money)) that will help. Just took some an hour ago and finally got some relife

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