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i know this sounds crazy, but what i do is i pinch myself at somewhere that doesnt hurt and the pain concentrates in my hand,not leg.sometimes i get a washcloth and run it under very cold water then put it on the place that hurts.

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uhm actually thats the rong thing to do putting something cold on yur lower belly or were u have cramps makes things worse because the cells accumulate and gather more pain so its better to have something relly hot or warm depending on how bad your cramps are .. is the right thing bcuzz the cells/nerves dont gather bcuzz there warm so drink hot tea hot chocolate not coffee bcuzz cafeene is bad .. Enjoy :)


well jaslene putting something cold on my leg helped me ALOT


Hey Jaslene, you spelled 'caffeine' wrong. Just so you know.


kinda random, but 'pain distraction' helped me too. I used to use to use cold compresses and the shock of it took my mind of the cramps that were so bad that I would puke ALL day the first day. I guess we all don't work the same, huh :)

Selina Rose

stop being mean this might help if you try just stop with the madness </3


I think everyone's on their period......... :-)

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