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The most cost effective, non toxic home remedy for lice that actually works on both headlice and pubic lice is plain old Listerine. The original gold formula. It is 26% alcohol which will kill anything and then add the menthol and eucalyptus which will also kill almost anything and VIOLA! I have tried it all. Rid, Nix, mayonaise, vinegar, vaseline and trust me - Listerine works. Douse the head with a capfull or two to saturate the hair and scalp twice a day. Let air dry. No combing necessary and the lice will be dead in just a couple of days. keep doing it once a day until all nits hatch. Goodbye lice. FOREVER. Total cost less than $6 dollars because I bought the big bottle and only used about half.

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mary jane

this listerin remedy work. I tried it on both of my daughters and the listerin kills all the lices in a hour. try this out before mayo,or any mrdicine my oldest daughter is 7yrs and the baby is 2yrs and its safe, cheap and reliable thanks listerin....


I am about to try this as it has been mentioned again and again on this site. However, I noticed most people say it needs to be repeated for any hatching eggs. Someone posted what sounded to me like the best Idea thus far to take care of the remaining nits. A hair straightener (or curling Iron if desperate and can't afford the straightener). They heat up way beyond the temperature needed to kill the eggs. Much like the dryer kills them on bedding. : )


So for this one, you dont wrap your head in a shower cap/ plastic bag?

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