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For fast flea removal from your cat or dog! Wash them with plain old blue Dawn dish detergent. South Georgia fleas don't play at all. I wasn't dogs & cat oncea week with Dawn, I rewash with oatmeal pet shampoo to moisturize their coat and skin. You can see the fleas dying on contact!

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I will tell you the dawn remedy does work. Had new puppies that were 3 wks old and they got some fleas the vet said to take the dawn lather it and let it sit on the pups for 5 min then rinse and dry and NO MORE FLEAS!!!! use the reg blue dawn it is awesome


I've used almost every Dawn scent available... they ALL work and kill the fleas on contact!!! Just make sure to use a good moisturizing shampoo or conditioniner afterwards!


Does it have to be DAWN?? All I have is PALMOLIVE??


From a groomer, becarfull with the dawn. It can dry out ur dogs skin, or if u don't get it all washed out u can get hot spots. An if u can don't bath ur dog more then once every 2 weeks. Try steping cut up lemons an then sponging the lemon juice on to ur dog once a day. Fleas hate lemon then baking soda an salt on ur carpets an anything that u can vacum. Its kills then

Carissa & Napoleon

Just came from my sisters house, and now my dog has fleas that are driving him nuts! Poor thing cant stop scratching... you are a god send... i have dawn, gonna go try it now. Thankyou! From both of us!


Does it actually KILL fleas? Will this work on carpets?


We tried the Dawn dish soap on our 6 week old puppy and it worked great. Left it on for 5 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly and rewashed her with a puppy shampoo and when drying her off the dead fleas were already falling out.


Does mixing garlic with my dogs food work..


These cats had fleas before we got them and then we used flea treatment. They still had flea dirt everywhere they sat so I said hmmmmm someone has fleas still. Well I gave them more flea treatment and brushed them still more dirt. So I came on here and saw that everyone was reccomending dawn dish soap. I got it and it works wonders! Gave both my cats a bath with it and a few fleas fell off Izzy the mama and the rest that didn't came off DEAD when I combed her! I could not be more thankful! I also got Hartz guard stuff to sprinkle on the carpet! However I haven't seen any in the carpet seeing as I vacuum regularly! So for the record DAWN is amazing lol

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