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i am having my very first BO of GH. Im not sure how i came in contact with this because its been almost 2 years since ive had ANY type of sexual contact. However due to an meregency surgery i did have to spend some time in a very unclean hospital about 10 weeks ago and im wondering if i didnt somehow get infected there?? I know the percentile for that is low but because i know i havent been intimate with anyone and i know this is for sure my very first outbreak it seems likely it had to happen there somehow. Anyway, i found the peroside to very helpful, im using it every few hours. I bought the abreva since it seems to be the key ingrdient in the mixture ive heard about and have just been applying that after the peroxide air dries and it is working great the bumps have signifigantly gone done and no itching or pain. However, what im haaving the most troublw with is stomach upset. I have been very nasuea an dhad a lot of vomitting. I am always careful about what ieat because i am a diabetic and i added the lysn vitamins to o. But i am still getting very sick and had a lot of dizzyness the ltoo. Does anyone know what i can do to help my stomach an?? Thanks for the great advice on here its so wonderful! Great support!

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