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Hi this is the remedy that I found the best, i got it from a friend whose children had had lice before.
Forget all the products they sell at the pharmacies, shops etc. Just purchase cheap conditioner and a head lice comb.
Simply drown, drench suffocate completley cover unwashed, dry and brushed (so there are no knots before applying) hair in conditioner (the conditoner suffocates the lice and the lice cannot grip on to the hair). Leave for 30-40 minutes and then use the head lice comb to go through hair layer by layer. After each comb through wipe comb with paper towel and you'll be able to see the lice and nits(maybe not the nits as they are white and are harder to see in conditioner). After you have combed through all the hair simply wash it out. Wait for hair to dry and check for lice and nits. If they are still there (which the lice shouldn't but the nits maybe). If there are lice repeat again (it means that every layer of hair wasn't fully done). If no lice but still nits repeat after 2 days. If no lice or nits repeat after 7 days but this time you don't have to wait after applying the conditioner and you can use a regular small tooth comb. Just comb through hair and keep wiping and checking to see if and lice/nits are there. If not repeat 2 more times over 2 weeks. You can use the quick conditioner method if your unsure if you have headlice/nits and this will show you if you do.
I have just done all 4 of my kids and myself and husband it completley got read of 2 of my kids and my husbands lice/nits but not mine and my 2 other kids nits (head lice were gone). This is because me and my 2 kids have very fine hair and the headlice comb was not thin enough to get the eggs. So the two options I have to get rid of the eggs are either to go stand by stand and drag my fingernail down the hair and the eggs will come out or use a hair straightner to go layer by layer on our hair as this burns the eggs and they will not longer be suck to the hair and they should brush or wash out.

As for prevention buy tea tree shampoo and conditioner and use this instead of regular one you use and/or dilute tea tree oil (as head lice hate it) in water and put in a spray bottle and spray over your/kids hair. ( I only do this when I know there has been an outbreak of head lice at school, kindergarten etc and I do it for about 2 weeks)

As all of this is natural it won't dry out the hair, or make it fall out and as it's conditioner it's easy to use the lice comb as hair will not knot (or not knot as much as it would using the chemical head lice remover)

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I have recently found nits in my daughters hair, I used the method of cheap conditioner and a fine comb, it really works the best. I used it many years ago when she was very small and caught it in the nursery, because she was so young I refused to put any chemicals in her hair. My advise to anyone please try it, its a safe and very cheap and totally effective method


I agree with the conditioner soak method. I used it on our hair (I used the suave coconut) and it worked great. Be sure to repeat every 5-7 days for 2 weeks to catch any hatchlings that you missed.

One concern about the hair straightener would be that you can't get it close enough to the scalp to kill most live eggs, because that's where they are laid. Since they hatch in a week or two, that's less than an inch worth of growth. If you were to get the straightener close enough to your head to kill the eggs that are alive, you'll burn your scalp.

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