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so i used the ACV treatment every one is talking about, IT DID NOT WORK! i was so optimistic when i heard about this home remedy, so this is what happened: i used ACV for 2 days ( probably 3-4 hours) when i woke up on day 3, the GW had not changed color, shape, or any thing, but the skin around the warts had turned black so i stopped using ACV and now after 4 days the skin all around the GW's has pealed, the black part fell off the skin is red and tender and whats worst is the GW's are there and nothing has happened to them, and this is what exactly puzzled when i was reading aother peoples comments, how can u not hurt the normal skin while getting rid off the warts?
so has this happened to anyone? any suggestions? i really want these suckers gone and dont want to pay 370$ for the stuff the doctor prescribed me (my freakin insurance company doesnt cover it for some weird reason)

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SAME HERE!!! THE ACV is not working my GW's turn grayish color and they come up to the surface like ppl said they would but the suckers aren't going away at first i left the ACV on for 10-12 min intervals putting pressure on it w/gauze then i even went and ran some errands with it on still no luck... I had hope but no its slowly going away... they need to leave already i'm wanna date again....


I drank a lot of red bull lately since I had to work late. Three or four days later some of my warts disappeared and I didn't know why, but later I recalled energy drinks have an effect on warts. I am almost completely rid of them and I hope this can help you


Hey dude,

I use vinager and it works. cut a cotton ball the size of the wart and put vinger on the cotton ball. Leave it alone! do this for three nights. stop for a day then three more nights. Leave it on all night


Apply vaseline or vitamin e oil around the wart before putting the acv soaked cotton ball to protect the skin :)

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