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adult with earpain

Ever heard of getting rid of hiccups by sipping water upside-down? well it may not work for hiccups, but it works for EARACHES/ infections! Just switch the water out with warm apple cider vinegar (diluted), bend forward while holding the cup below your chest and sip...
if you haven't mastered the technique of resting the edge of the cup on your upper lip while pouring, then you can use a straw but be VERY careful not to burn yourself!
hope this helps, it just helped me a ton!

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oh trust me its works for hiccups as well. drinking water upside down is the ONLY way i can get rid of mine. :)


I thank you so much for this remedy! i tried it and thank goodness, relief at last!!! tried hot onion i sock, worked to relieve pain when against my ear, returned as soon as i took it away, so tried the vinegar upside down. my ear started to crackle & pop inside almost immediately, pain & pressure really kicked in! jumped in hot showere, & massaged neck & behind my ear, then all of a suddden with a pop yhe pressure stopped, what sweet relief. Good old apple cider, useful for so many things. Thanks again!!!

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