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Ok, here it is... but first let me say this probably won't work for everyone. It works for me and has worked for the last 3 years I've been doing it and I have had 3 years being fever blister free!

What I do is as soon as I feel a fever blister coming I pinch the area of lip. I will continue to pinch that area a lot at first and gradually throughout the next 8 hrs or so less and less often. It does hurt to pinch this swollen and sensitive area. It hurts about as much swollen gums.

I will start off pinching my lip for a minute or two. Take a short break, about 2-5 minutes and then repeat. I will do this for an hour, the next hour I'll pinch for less time and take longer breaks. Eventually I'm only pinching for 20 sec. and breaking for 15 min. At the end I may only pinch my lip a few times an hour. I just keep pinching until that area's sensitivity has finally disappeared.

I will pinch every area that is sensitive and hurts. If it hurts then I know to keep pinching that area. Often the sensitive area is larger than what my finger and thumb can cover, so I'll have to pinch several areas right next to each other. No I don't pinch so hard that my lips as normal would hurt. It only hurts because the fever blister area is extra sensitive.

I know most will think of me as a fool, but it works for me. Will it work for you? You'll find out if you try. Anyways what's there to lose. Its just a physical remedy, no drugs, nothing else and it's free. Best of all I've not had a fever blister is over three years and I probably would have had 8 in that span of time.

-Good Luck !

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I'm really confused why somewhat seemingly intelligent people are leaving comments that indicate they either haven't thoroughly read the suggestion or they just aren't understanding the suggestion...The original poster said that he does this BEFORE a blister appears...when essentially its just a tingling THERE IS NO POPPED BLISTER!! You're simply pinching your lip to PREVENT the blister from ever appearing. I just hope I remember this suggestion the next time I get a fever blister!!


I personally don't care if anyone tries this. However, I absolutely agree. It has worked for me so many times, I considered posting it myself. There are times when my resistence is low and it doesn't stop it, but I would say ninety percent of the time it does


For the record, i would just like to say i get feverblisters all the time. they are really bad and get extremely huge!!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER do this. It can really damage your lips and make it worse.


It does ease the pain a little. So everyone...stop being immature and stop calling someone you don't even know stupid. TRY IT, IF IT DOESN'T WORK MOVE ON.

Thank you...:)


Worked for me!!! My first fever blister and I'm 27, I tried this and it works!! Who cares what these people say..... I say Thank u !!


I have also done this, (before reading the post), and it has worked for me as well. I have done it a couple of times when I feel one coming on, and I have not gotten a blister. You have to catch it at the right time.


I have suffered from fever blisters since I can remember. The blister gives me a fat lip which is embarrassing. Yesterday when I felt the little bump, I applied Abreva and that's all cause I was out & and about, but when I came home, I applied ice & held it there for as long as I could stand it, and repeated the ice application until I went to bed. I applied more Abreva before bed. This morning my lip was a little swollen and the blister had come to a head. I sterilized a needle and popped it, gently applying pressure with a tissue so as not to get it on my hands or anywhere else. I applied Abreva and a couple hours later, the swelling was gone and my blister started scabbing over. Tonight (of same day) all I have is a tiny scab, and my lip doesn't hurt at all. I can't believe I got rid of it the next day after feeling it coming on. Hope this works for you!


It works tryed it last couple of times accept I put pressure not pinch

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