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Ok, here it is... but first let me say this probably won't work for everyone. It works for me and has worked for the last 3 years I've been doing it and I have had 3 years being fever blister free!

What I do is as soon as I feel a fever blister coming I pinch the area of lip. I will continue to pinch that area a lot at first and gradually throughout the next 8 hrs or so less and less often. It does hurt to pinch this swollen and sensitive area. It hurts about as much swollen gums.

I will start off pinching my lip for a minute or two. Take a short break, about 2-5 minutes and then repeat. I will do this for an hour, the next hour I'll pinch for less time and take longer breaks. Eventually I'm only pinching for 20 sec. and breaking for 15 min. At the end I may only pinch my lip a few times an hour. I just keep pinching until that area's sensitivity has finally disappeared.

I will pinch every area that is sensitive and hurts. If it hurts then I know to keep pinching that area. Often the sensitive area is larger than what my finger and thumb can cover, so I'll have to pinch several areas right next to each other. No I don't pinch so hard that my lips as normal would hurt. It only hurts because the fever blister area is extra sensitive.

I know most will think of me as a fool, but it works for me. Will it work for you? You'll find out if you try. Anyways what's there to lose. Its just a physical remedy, no drugs, nothing else and it's free. Best of all I've not had a fever blister is over three years and I probably would have had 8 in that span of time.

-Good Luck !

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I would just like to say that this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. This does not work at all! If the blister pops, it spreads. I mean if you don't know what you're talking about then don't put something stupid like this on here.




then don't do it, 'stupid fools'. i clearly said it won't work for everyone. also if you can read, you don't do it when the blister appears, 'stupid fools', you do it before they appear, at the first tingling sensation. if you wait too long, then i guess you're SOL; bet you didn't follow the directions correctly, silly rabbits.


I'm not calling you stupid, BUT -- this will further damage and inflame the tissue, so is probably not a good idea and could lead to a bigger, angrier cold sore. I'm glad it works for the poster, but I would not recommend trying it.


well ive tried this pinching technique an beleive it or not it worked. I started pinching the sentive area wherr the bluster was starting to form the pinching stopped the itch tingling pain an the blisters started to disapear not sure y it worked for me thx again!

I Posted the 1st comment

Um, technically you did not say that it worked for everyone. You said try it out and see. So obviously you really need to stop posting things becasue you are making yourself sound even more stupid.

Currently in pain!

Yeah I personally would NOT try this.
the simply application of cover up on the face just spread my one cold sore to two other places. nothing has ever worked for me ... ever and it ook me like seven years to learn that leason.. no ice pack, no lemon to the blister, no abreva , no blistex, no carmax,no chapstick,no warm rag, no cold pack,no tea bag, nothing! i just have to let it go through the stages and leave them alone!! let um dry out and scab and then theyll be back in like 3-6 months lol. gosh. One is easay to deal with but i HATEHATE when they spread its miserable! i was gonna go to the docotor today but i know what ever they prescribe must like will not work . I JUST TRY MY HARDEST, NOT TO TOUCH THEM!


I cannot believe all of these silly comments from people who have not actually tried this method.I am a 45 year old business woman and I started getting fever blisters when I was a teenager. I could not find anything that would help, about 15 years ago I was in so much pain that I tried this pinch method and to my amazement it worked and I have been using this method for about 15 years and it works great!! Come on people, I mean you were obviously trying to find something different that works for you and now your knocking this great home remedy without trying it...You should appreciate the person who was brave enough to share it and I confirm that it does work!!


this is ridiculous! anyone that actually knows what they are doing would never pop a fever blister. It spreads and can tear tissue in your lips causing more damage. I mean if you don;t know what you are talking about then don't post it like this idiot!


This is not a wise thing to do. This could eventually lead to scarring of the tissue in your lips leaving permanent and embarassing scars. DO NOT TRY THIS. this is about the most stupidest thing i have ever heard of. I am a doctor and have seen many patients come in for this virus. Many ask me what to do. The first thing that i say is do not touch it. If the fever blister pops then it can spread and lead to even more infection on your lips. This is not a smart post and please DO NOT try it!!!!!!

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