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I went to my OB and she gave me diflucan and I waited it out for a week. My symptoms improved a bit but I was growing impatient since I had already been battling a yeast infection for about 5 months.

I filled the tub about half way and put 1 cup and a half of vinegar and water. I sat in the tub for about 20 minutes and already felt some relief. I dabbed the area dry then soaked some toilet paper with hydrogen peroxide and also dabbed it on the area right after my bath. It burned for a bit but I feel total relief at this point! I'm going to continue for a few days to see if it completely goes away. I'm also taking cranberry pills and acidophilus pills. Hope this helps

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What type of vinegar did you use? I have heard not to use distilled white vinegar and only apple cider, not sure of the reason why


Cranberry is for a urinary tract infection and even then will only help in the very initial stages. I am a reproductive health specialist, and I swear 90% of my job is dealing with yeast infections/bacterial infections/uti's. Urinary track infections (UTIs) are not vaginal and thus are in a very different category than BV/yeast.


Shoot, so that's that one suppseos.


My yeast infection was so bad that i was swollen and could only myself dry when washing or going to the restroom. Well, I tried the 1 1/2 c of vinegar, just straight out of my cabinet, and put it in a full tub of water. I then used the plain yogurt inserted while i was in the tub. I then took a shower and rinsed off, 'inside' and out. I then used the diaper rash ointment, i used A&D with zinc and let me tell you, the results were amazing! by the next morning, and i a talking less than 10 hrs, the swelling was gone, the itching, rawness had bout 90% gone away. Thank you so much for the remedy. I will most def recommend it to my daughters.

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