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Get a regular sized band-aid and use it to stretch the skin on the side of your toenail back away from the ingrown nail. To do this, attach one end of the band-aid to the skin right next to where the ingrown toenail is and then pull the band-aid as tight as you can away from the nail. This will pull the skin back away from the area where the nail is growing in. Then wrap the other end of the band-aid around the back of your toe and attach it to the base of the front of your toe. When the band-aid gets loose, put on a fresh one. This will allow the nail to grow normally without digging into your skin.

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This band aid method works very well! My toe was in unbearable pain and now it is quite tolerable.


This only reduces pain. How do you get rid of ingrown toenails for good?


What if the nail has already grown into the skin?


I have never seen a band aid short enough not to wrap around your big toe several times.


Just used this tip for my daughters ingrown toenail. Seems to work as it pulled the skin back and didn't hurt her at all! Think it will heal quickly. Thank you so much!


the bandaid thing works really well of you combined it with soaking your foot in hot water (as hot as you can go)and either espon salts or vinegar (just plain white works)

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