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Excrusiotiatingly funny!

My heart goes out to everyone in this room, as I lay awake unable to sleep bc of this annoying pain! Top left of my mouth, Wisdom tooth is impacted into a molar and infected to the root. Needless to say, Im hangin in there somehow.
Tried Listerine, no go.
Tried Salt + Water, NOPE.
moved onto the tea bags. Unfortunately, Im a bachelor with absolutely NO USE for peppermint extract, I found some Lipton tea bags and have compressed one into my mouth. I am slamming 500mg Erithromycins every 6 hours, and 3 Bayer's every 4 hours. This pain suks, but Ive had the teabag in for about 10 minutes now, hopefully some relief will come soon

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I know the feeling I can't get the pain to go away, baby oragel has helped but not much but it is better then the other stuff on the market, I will be trying anything on this site I can, I am out in the sticks so dental care isn't going to happen for a while, you are correct it does sucketh. I am about ready to get the paper towls and plyers out if nothing else.


Go to the dentist asap that will be a surgury they have to do but dnt worry u will be sleep the whole time and wont feel nt lol


i feel your pain and let me tell you the best one i have found on here has been the oil of cloves and the ice trick on your face may look like I went 15 rounds with rocky balboa but with the ice it doesn't feel like it.


I know Molecula Silver works for bronchitis, fast. They say you can kill an Abcess with it, too, but I ran out as I only had a tiny bit left. You rinse(and hold on and around tooth and gum)with an once or two(as little as possible to save $), 5 minutes at a time I read that a 16 oz bottle should work. $40, unless you can buy a lot.(colloidal silver is easy to make with a generator and is not worth much. I wouldn't pay $10/ bottle for it) Molecula has to be made with super equipment, but is FAR superior and is worth $40/ bottle. I have NOT had as much luck with the inferior colloidal Silver, however, but many people HAVE. Forget the blue man scare stories, he was an idiot who used well water to make his colloidal silver, and it was bad. Then, he was drinking a half gallon/day for YEARS when you need 2 oz's for less than a week. I've had tremendous results with it but don't have enough to test on teeth. The ONE rinse I did helped to where I didn't need Percodan. (I will NOT OD on Ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, etc. It's safer to use Percodan, unless it is an addiction problem for you, or your Dentist isn't coll enough to phone it in on a weekend, which is ALWAYS when mine flare up, like now!! lol

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