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I've gotten headaches for many years, some lasting months at a time, 24/7. It's unbearable. Then I started seeing a chiropractor, no more headaches. It was fantastic.

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I truely believe that that is my problen bc when my hubby pops my back or even rubs it my heachs go away!!!


Great artlice, thank you again for writing.

joey m

I'm a massage therapist you have a pressure point right under the back of your skull if you lean back on a chair or something hard where you can rest your bottom of your skull it will release the muscle and headache will instantly decrease

this guy is stupid

well thats not a 'home remedie' unless you have a chiropractor in your house. ppl are looking for a quick home fix not an expensive appointment two weeks from now.

the bitch

The bitch likes this guy is stupid. (and his comment)

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