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I use tea tree oil for my yeast infections. It works WONDERS. However, the key is to make sure you dilute it properly, and you must insert it directly into the vulva.
So here's the what you need (it works, I promise):
Vegetable Capsules (you can get these at any natural vitamin store), 100% Oraganic Tea Tree Oil, Pure Vitamin E oil.
1.In the V-Cap, put in 3 drops of 100% organic Tea Tree Oil.
2. To that, add 6 drops of the vitamin E oil, so that you have a 3:6 ratio of Tea Tree to Vitamin E oils in your capsule. You can make several of these and store them for later use.
3. Take one of these 'suppositories' and insert it directly into your vagina with your finger. Do this once in the morning, and once before bed for 2 days.
4. By the end of the second day, you should be yeast free!!!

I rarely ever get yeast infections (only have had 2 in my life) but this destroys them immediately. Hope this helps you too!

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I suffer with major candida in my body but get attacked with really bad yeast infections in my vaginal area. I control the yeast in my body by avoiding many foods especially sugar but nothing seems to work for the EXTREME itch I experience down below. I tried this remedy and I have to say the relief is AMAZING!!!!!! It burns but not in a painful way. It burns in a way that feels like its killing the yeast and gives instant relief to the itch. THANK YOU for this remedy!


How can u mix anything in the capsule can u pls. Clarify??I would like to try this coz I suffer from too much itching !!thanks

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